Having lived in bear

There are many strange artists, the adequacy of which is sometimes questionable. This category should include the artist’s name, Poincheval Abraham (Abraham Poincheval). A regular guy, one who uses paint instead of drawing their own vomit, decided to live for 13 days inside a bear. He built a plywood frame, he pulled on her furs and set the piece in the Central hall of the Museum of hunting and nature in Paris. The hero of this article has spent in the bear for 11 days and then, on 13 April, the performance will come to an end. No matter how paradoxical, the bear there’s a lot that’s not home to many residents of the CIS: electricity, toilet, first aid kit, electric kettle, food and water. For all our readers who over the next couple of days is not going to the Paris Museum of hunting and nature, organized online broadcast.

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