Have the girls list of trials for men?



Observing the behavior of girls by the time you come to the conclusion that the girl has a «list of tests that must pass people and as a result of these tests, you can be as «just a friend» and lover or her boyfriend, what will you say?

Hmm, I can honestly say, neither I nor my friends have no such list. But we, girls, like any normal person I want at the beginning of the relationship to be sure that the choice fell on a worthy and adequate representative of the strong half of the world.

Well, to know you’re her friend, lover, or somebody else, the girl with great interest watching you and your behavior in different situations. What might these the situation depends on the woman, although usually most of them are similar.

For example, will tell you which points are more or less important for me personally:

1. Gentlemanly at all

It is a commonplace handsome male manners. To open the door for the girl to ask the weight of the bag/backpack and if you carry a heavy burden, and so on.

2. Greed/negodnost

Knowingly voted that way because am not talking about supersecret, as it’s the details and special cases. But one thing is for sure — all the girls (and myself included) can’t stand cheapskate!

One day, standing in the checkout line of McDuck, I witnessed a conversation of a young couple (guys and girls):

He: kitty, what are you going to eat?

She: don’t know, maybe a big Mac and fries…

He: is that all?

She: I don’t know, maybe even a cheeseburger…

He (the minute counts): this is the 178 (!) rubles!! (Alluding to the fact that too expensive).

The girl suddenly became sad, and when our eyes crossed, didn’t need any words to understand how she is ashamed of her imotru!

In no case do not blame his financial situation, just if no money, why lead a girl to a place where you dearly (even if we are talking about McDuck).

3. Alcohol intoxication

For girls it’s how you behave when drunk and more when drunk. Fights, fights, showdown, the blooming of hands or language (both literally and figuratively), and the like — it is a complete failure. I think you will agree with me that I had a friend with similar behavior is also not Gud.

4. Conflict situation

They say that the true face of man is manifested in conflict. I’m not talking about the showdown between you and your friend, as there is all different: someone likes it rough, and someone to just be silent for a week and then rapidly reconciled).

I mean a conflict, a threat which came from outside.

Here is an example: at a party you witnessed as your girlfriend sticks some strange man. If a girl gave him to understand that communication with him she was not going to continue, but he still did not understand, further actions it will expect from you. It is very important that you do not get confused, but gave a fitting rebuff to the pushy dude. Do not just hit the face or run as gopar, just stand up, let him know that your lady and her, that for you it is like a stone wall».

Anyway, I told the main points in which your behavior can attract or repel the girl. In any case, they intended to get to know you better and think about the future of your relationship.

However, if your friend really is a list of tests (I do not rule out) that you need her to prove anything, I suggest you think about it. Because most likely this list is eternal, and she will always come up with all sorts of checks, and you need to prove that you’re the same and worthy of her attention. It smells sickly deflection and, I would even say «heel». The result in this case is always the same: you will not be able to fully please, as she will certainly tell you. In the end, you’re not a dog to overcome deliberately someone created an obstacle course!

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