Have fun together to stay together

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The honeymoon phase passed, and now you’re standing with both feet on solid ground. Stability — a sign of skill, but still you do not leave the concern that the relationship may become a routine. Every date is the same: you eat, watch a movie and have sex. Not always in that order, but they are almost always the same. You became slaves of their relationship, and you need shock therapy to regain your passion.

It is very important first of all to understand that relationships go through several stages. The honeymoon period pleasant at the time, but do not despair if this stage has already passed. All attempts again to feel that unique (we still wrestle) the magic seem like a labor in vain. But try to initiate a new outbreak of passion, to grow stronger to each other.

The stage at which you learned each other and laid the Foundation of your relationship, precious, have a gentle memory of him. However, for the sake of a common future should not look back on this time in a futile attempt to regain something that has already passed. Go ahead, you will find many new. Remember one thing: relationship is a plant. They grow, but this requires time and care.

Maybe now you’re all happy, but your relationship has gone unbridled joy of being together. Apathy is a sign of the death of a relationship, so move forward to bring back to life the good that you still have.

Physical activity

Not in the bedroom, you’re our Casanova, and in the gym. Statistics show (and with it common sense) that couples who play sports together, stay together longer. This happens for the same reason that healthy people are happier and more likely to notice positive aspects of life.

Only need to find the form of physical activity that you’ll both be happy to engage in one and the same place. Bring a girl to the gym is a great idea, but if you’re going to demand from her pack, does not go far.

This is something to eat when some of you more knowledgeable in some area than another, so one can train another and help it grow. From this circumstance, there is a downside. If she plays tennis, and you never held a racket, it can turn into a problem. She would patiently explain the rules dealing with your clumsiness, but sometimes it’s overpowering. You try and feel clumsy fool, and therefore will inevitably start to freak out. In short, it’s a double-edged sword.

Still, the best option is to start something new together as a couple. What about dancing or yoga? Even if you just do the exercises sitting on mats, it will bring freshness to your relationship. Healthy competition can push you, and it’s interesting.

Granite science

You can go to some courses is whip of you spark. Learning something new as a couple will add to your relationship a new dimension: you will be able to share with each other a lot of information, new emotions, and you will have new topics of conversation. Many relationships die because kept on one sex and household chatter.

If you find a new occupation for their brains, not butts, you re-discover how bright and interesting can be communicating with a familiar person. Trust me, whyabouta lot of things you and your woman doing outside of the bedroom, the better things go in bed. So sign up for a cooking course, learning a new language or to sing in the choir. You learn something new, enjoy the process and strengthen your relationship.

Communicate for harmony

A common problem for many couples is different circles. Undoubtedly, in the relationship needs to be a buffer zone. Spend time separately from each other useful: so you start stronger to appreciate your mate and confirm its own identity.

However, there is this danger. If each of you rotates exclusively in the company, it may be at least tempted. Can be formed a completely new problem — the lack of common interests. People in a couple should always share with each other to strengthen the bond. Try to communicate with her friends and call her to hang out with yours. And even better, organize a party and invite all at once.

Go to the cinema together, getting out to a club or just throw the fun you had at home. I need you to stop feeling these invisible boundaries. Show his friends that you’re a great guy and she will appreciate it. The best way to win a woman is to convince her friends that you are the best partner for her.

Give her a reason to boast. Your friends may appreciate it, and you’ll have a reason to be proud. Important to you, so give up your peasant interests and earn the respect of their women, and their friends. Hang out separately boring.

Surprise her

To play sports, to learn something new and chat — a great way to bond. But you still need something more. Often you want novelty, something different to make the relationship. Do something unusual, even irrational.

Surprise her with something. You can arrange a weekend that you will lie in bed and watch movies all day, stopping only for sex or to order and eat pizza. Give you a visit in a Spa for two. If all of these dirt and wraps — not yours, just be there while she’s having fun. Why not go to a Symphony concert, ballet or Opera? And even a jazz concert or a poetry evening — just for the sake of diversity.

Women love surprises, especially if they are made by their husband. So in addition to going to the Museum or sex in the hotel can buy her a little gift when she did not expect.

All of these ideas sound expensive, but it just seems. You can accommodate them in any, even a very modest budget. To give do not have a gold ring or a cashmere scarf. It may even be a modest card or sweets from her favorite bakery.

To overcome the routine, you can even change: for example, to meet for lunch on a weekday and not wait for the traditional trip to the sushi bar on a Friday evening. Experiment.

Sex, too, can change

How could we forget about sex, the most obvious aspect of the relationship? We have, by the way, there are lots of posts about it and how to improve, and poses a bunch of ivory, and about the Threesome and about anal sex. So enlighten.

What is important in sex? Listen to your woman. Communication and variety is the panacea needed to keep things interesting in the bedroom. And this leads us to the question: why to have sex only in the bedroom? By the way, about it we already talked.

Open to each other and share their fantasies: what would you like? How do you have sex, it shows your connection. Start a dialogue with respectful communication, and finished like a couple of rabid dogs. Use your imagination, improvise and have fun!

Mix and shake

If you continue to play, to look for something new to stimulate your relationship, they are impossible to break. To relationship stagnation, they take work and that work brought pleasure.

It is necessary that you have enjoyed the time spent with your woman, and used every chance to be with her. If both points apply to you, it combines entertainment will help you to stay longer together.

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