Hate you — and that’s good

manygoodtips.com_22.04.2014_mB3y1qaIJ1XkkWhat happens to any man when he spills out a stream of hatred? True, he is offended, embarrassed, confused and upset, of course. The picture is familiar, but empty. Think harder: when you love and adore, or hate? In both cases, you’ll attract attention, but in the case of a common love, you are forced to constantly be on top. If you return your perception of hatred from a different angle, you’ll see that it’s not so bad. She tells you there is no other way but up.

The good thing about hatred?

1. It stimulates the progress

Motivate yourself from the inside — is the ultimate ideal. In most cases, laziness, sooner or later overpowers ambition and all desire to develop peacefully overcomes the temptation to rest on our laurels. So, hatred is not only beautiful, but necessary! If you feel too relaxed and happy with myself, think about people who don’t like you. You will immediately become clear that there is no limit.

2. It puts us in the place of

Confidence is important, and good, and blah-blah-blah… why no one remembers about the benefits of low self-esteem? If we ignore the usual scheme of judgments, to identify them easily. Low standards guarantee you a high estimation of those who from nothing for you here. Besides, self-confident and narcissistic people that nobody likes. He immediately suspicious, nervous, and generally unpleasant.

3. It builds character

More than anything else. Who are used to criticism and attack, for they cease to be something significant. How celebrities cope with daily discussions of their personal life, criticism of his work (often unfounded), parodies of themselves? They used to hate have grown on their skin durable impenetrable armor. Tempered with hatred of the person can not be confused, no criticism, no ridicule.

4. It develops a sense of humor

A good sense of humor, a close friend of low self-esteem. Look at any successful comedian and you’ll notice a propensity for self-flagellation and ironic attitude towards oneself — fuel fueling his supply of jokes. And who would refuse a sense of humor? Constant compliments and praise make their recipients feel flawless and perfect. What that means, know everything. To laugh at yourself is a great gift, and whoever owns it, gets in life is much more fun. To treat themselves and their Affairs too seriously — about way. To be honest with you, it will be clear as day.

5. This in itself can be fun

On one condition: if you can unleash the alienation, and not to take criticism too personally. Then it’s just a celebration of humor! Funny that people think you’re so important to give you so much energy. Funny that they have no more Affairs. Moreover, sometimes they Express their complaints in a funny way and masterfully make fun of you — and good humour always causes laughter. The main thing — the exclusion mentioned in the beginning of a paragraph.

6. Sometimes it makes sense

We illustrate this by example. For example, in our text wormed error or mistake. When the reader discovers, with pride, that caught us, we thank him for it. So it helps us to get better. And this example only illustrates the General rule. People are not as bad as thinking about them affected criticism of the sufferer. They point to the shortcomings in order to feel better, and that this deficiency was corrected. Well not all and not always. Every coin always has two sides.

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