Hate life: have a healthy lifestyle so exhausting?

It was a bribe.field.ua_20.02.2015_CtRW9qiqo5q6xMost of the articles about healthy lifestyle, physical activities and other nishtyak gives the layperson a feeling that a healthy lifestyle is a violence against own nature that just wants to lie after work in front of the TV with chips in hand. Motivation, will power, need to work, have less to eat and the like. Feel as if you vital any Kashpirovsky that made you think about the virtues of a healthy lifestyle. Actually, it’s not scary, just we are totally unaccustomed to the fact that you need to discipline you and (spoiler spoiler!) to work hard. Not much, not enough, enough! Do a healthy lifestyle is as bad as you think? Fuck it! He has a lot of advantages. We have already mentioned, why the need for swings and weight loss, now it is necessary to write about the pros of a healthy lifestyle and some tips and tricks!

1. Bodyweight exercises

If you do not want to go to the gym and doing normal activities you do zapadlo, can be quite successful to work at home with their own weight. It is not tedious, but fun and wonderful shakes your body. At home, you can build a circuit workout with their own weight, doing lunges, squats, pushups and other exercises of all varieties that you just can find. A healthy lifestyle does not require specific costs, it is virtually free and completely up to you. Here’s just a few examples.

2. Home cooking and the need to prepare

When you start to live a healthy lifestyle, you automatically have more responsibility in different kind. The most important thing that there is the need to follow the diet. The best alternative is to learn how to cook. Home kitchen, if it’s not pancakes or majonezy can be not only tasty, but also useful. But the most useful need to learn how to cook, which, frankly, needed every man. First you will start with a trivial boiled breast, oatmeal, and cheese in the morning. Then you will understand that this is not the case, and he will quickly learn to cook something special.

3. Trade wholesale

And then there is the right behaviors — cooking in bulk. Brewed once a kilogram of chicken breast and trying to get enough for a few days. The same is done not with the best Breakfast — boiled buckwheat, you can eat filled with egg or milk. What’s so hard about that?

4. Carry a bottle of water

Dude, exercisers should drink a lot of water. If the work has a chance to find the good old water cooler, in between work, the house-rocker, there is a need to drink a lot. At first it seems that it’s terribly boring, but then you quickly get used to with a little bottle in among your things. Here are some of the thermos to work and hauling anything, you get used to everything! The obvious advantages of the use of large amounts of water automatically outweigh all the disadvantages.

5. Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach

Sometimes when we approach the house, we have the desire to go to the store next to the house and see what’s what. This is a very bad idea that should be driven away. The narrowest range of any store will make you drool and want even stick this suspicious sausages. If you go to the store, only in the case of milk or water, not to think about sausage and run away, if she be much to beckon. Then get used to it.

6. Home gym

Sooner or later, when a healthy lifestyle will come into your life, you might want to start a home gym. To hang a horizontal bar, buy a pair of dumbbells and one pot-bellied weight. This is a good incentive to practice at home. Just do not think that tear you can throw a rock, because of the weights missing. First you will score in the swing, and then on the weights. You should try to complement each other.

7. Go to the fruit

Many men can’t stand the fruit, for this we have to thank the relatives who forced to cram us bananas, apples and oranges in my childhood. When you taste the fruit, because «the soul asks for something sweet», you can realize that they can be quite a is. Pomegranates, figs, mandarins — as a child I didn’t love them like they are now!

8. Exercises like

You must have exercise that you like. Analyze your day and figure out what it is movement. Some people like push-UPS, some dead lifts, some the bench press bar. Remember about this exercise, go to him, it’ll be easier to survive a boring routine and go for something interesting. Besides, you can always find an interesting alternative to certain exercises.

9. Try new types of workouts

Routine is the throat? Common, dude. I personally always like to try new exercises, new methodologies, and other innovations, then to write, great or not, and feel a positive or negative impact of a change. Exercises and workouts in the literature, the Internet and on our website a lot, easy to find what you like. In addition, there is always the simulator that you have not tried.

10. To attract new adherents have fun

Ask Jehovah’s Witnesses about this topic! To drag their comrades, friends, family and girls on the light side of the force is always fun. On the one hand, you reinforce their confidence that did a good thing, but on the other hand, you have company. And the other can observe how well you’re doing an exercise!

11. Cardio is not always necessary

Most are in the gym agrees that traditional cardio (stepper, ellipse, treadmill and Bicycle) is quite boring in nature. For cardio there is always an adequate substitute. To do this for forty minutes of boring and not as effective as many think. Of course, if you’re not working on endurance, there will have to be patient. There is circuit training, which will not let you be bored. Is interval cardio fast enough at the time, but here you will not be bored, that’s for sure. A good warm-up, 10 minute fast walk to the swing can replace cardio.

12. Day Zagora

All in all, worth living! This is a great time! You sway as HIV and eat right so that the thick ladies die of envy. And here he comes, the day when everything is possible. Of course, it is not necessary to eat three snouts, but something you can afford! Half pizza, pasta Carbonara, sweets, alcohol… pick one or two! In fact, you begin to realize that eating becomes a pleasure, a reward for his labors, but at the same time you begin to understand that the real purpose of food is to maintain power. As a result, the day Zagora gradually turns into day when you can eat cake or drink a bottle of beer. And you’re not depressing.

Summarizing all the above, I want to say that a healthy lifestyle is tiring… the first time. Then it becomes a habit, from Zagora feel uncomfortable, as well as from eating before bedtime. No training days, by the way, the feeling is just like not cleaned in the morning or evening teeth. This is a common useful practice.

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