Harvey Keitel: the man who solves problems

In the list of actors who have no Oscars, always point Jim Carrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, will Smith, Rob Schneider soon. And forget that there is a really cinematic lumps like Harvey Keitel, who actually deserve it more. Truly a great actor, in which courage is no less than 300 real Spartans, and far more cinematic than 300 bodybuilders (with all due respect to Gerard Butler). And most importantly, he has acting talent and charisma, which is not a sin to think about.


Before to learn to speak normally, little Harvey knew how to write two words – «Poland» (Poland) and «Romania» (Romania). Parents made every effort that the child has not forgotten where his roots. And it was hard to forget. In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where he came from, there were many Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, such arrogant and boorish losers, as does Harvey. Those streets on which he grew up, will enter the atmosphere «mean streets» and «Taxi driver.» And yet to imagine that Keitel will grow something worthwhile, was very problematic. The usual beggar loser, expelled from school and deprived at first glance any talents. For him, there were 2 ways – in jail or in the army. Harvey chose the latter, because in those days, in the 50s, Marines were still rapturous sighs from women and respect from men. It was the pride of the country, the elite. Who knows, suddenly and Harvey will using a shotgun and monstry out in people? Failed. 3 years of service in Lebanon taught him discipline, remember the deprivation of virginity in one of the crummy brothel with a woman, their forms resembled the child, and for years to come turned any desire to serve.

There were three of us – me and two of my then best friends. Three young men who were looking for themselves, looking for their heroes who tried to be heroes for themselves. Dickens in «David Copperfield» is a wonderful phrase: «Will I be the hero of the narrative about your own life, or this place will be occupied by someone else – need to show these pages.» In the Marines I was first acquainted with the laws of myth. The first lesson I learned in the classroom for night fight: training camp on Paris island, we have hundreds of new recruits, huddled together, and so the instructor says, «are You afraid of the dark because they fear what they don’t know. I will teach you how to know the darkness.» Deep thought.

Upon arriving home, he did not know what to do. Working as a Shoe salesman, he, like many of his colleagues with such a textbook early, went to movies. However, the passion for acting had it from an early age.

When people like James Dean and Marlon Brando began his career, I was a teenager. Growing up isn’t easy, and we’re looking for heroes who have carried us through this dark forest. What did these actors, as well as Kazan and Cassavetes, was a desperate attempt to survive under the weight of existence. Me and my friends that encouraged, encouraging.

The first steps in the movie

And here wearing a plaid pants made to them personally on my mom’s sewing machine, he went on to study acting at the American Holy of holies of the environment acting school Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler, the legendary, true to Stanislavski and Michael Chekhov actors Studio, whom also graduated from Paul Newman, al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, Jane Fonda. In fact, the whole world acting in the world. There Harvey lost his main drawback – a natural shyness, which gave a muscular fellow (years of service were not in vain) to fully open. Though she later admitted that will his modesty not gone, just, apparently, learned how to act.

Only here to act was particularly nowhere. A career is not built. He played in an obscure experimental theater, to break into Broadway, unfortunately, did not happen. Then the face of Keitel is not the case that sad, gloomy expression, which he was convinced even the last cynic in her acting capability. And his debut – student work «Who is knocking at my door?» lasted for 5 years and has evolved from a student work in a feature film.

And here Scorsese

Not, vanity was not satisfied. Had to get a part time stenographer in court for the whole ten years! Harvey recorded the confession of the inhabitants of a social bottom – maniacs, murderers, rapists. Their faces come to mind of the actor, when he put on the screen hundreds of villainous images from bad Lieutenant in the film by Abel Ferrara and corrupt cops in «Cops» to Satan in «Little Nicky» and Judas in «the Last temptation of Christ.» But it will be later and had to wait for the main meeting of his life.

It all happened very spontaneously, with ads reading: «the Graduate school is looking for actors for film». Thus began a collaboration and friendship with Martin Scorsese. It began with «dirty streets», where he was drawn to play Italian. There is a feature in American film Directors of Italian descent – to make films about their «compatriots».

I grew up in Brooklyn, went to school in Coney island, and friends I was different – a true melting furnace. No matter what I was raised in the Jewish tradition, and Marty – in the spirit of Catholicism, the religious affiliation does not affect our place in society.Then there was the role of the cowboy in the movie «Alice doesn’t live here anymore,» for which he received less money than any actor of the episode. Just really needed the money. And then the legendary role of a pimp in epochal-dirty story about the evils of man, «Taxi driver.» Initially it was assumed the role of a guy from the campaign headquarters – the pimp was only five lines of text. In the script it was served in one line: «the Italian, standing in the door.» But at the time, Keitel was still living in the area, where he worked as pimps, so every day he had the pleasure to observe their hard work. Keitel zadruzhil with one of the «guards» who have enlightened his life pimps. For two weeks they were improvisations, and then brought this case Scorsese. The Director liked it, and he decided to do one more scene.

Perhaps the most controversial of their joint work was rejected by critics «the Last temptation of Christ», where Harvey played Judas. Also not his best role.

A new round and Tarantino

In the 80’s was a strange period in the life of Keitel. He did not become grossing actor in Hollywood didn’t invite him. But on other continents torn with the hands. Riddly Scott took with him «Does» – the movie about the gangster, the only role for which he was nominated for «Oscar». But, unfortunately, a reward he never received. Keitel also starred in Theo Angelopoulos, Bertrand Tavernier. This has brought him respect but not fame. Glory he brought to the world meeting with another Director. Annoying the seller of the video store literally walked behind him, with a crazy passion pushing him back his script. The guy was like crazy, but something was in it. Was that guy’s name is Quentin Tarantino. The film was called «reservoir dogs», and who would not say that, but this is the movie for which you fell in love with Harvey.

I read the script and was so fascinated that I called producer Lawrence Bender and said I wanted to star in the film. Quentin was preparing me the role of Mr. white, and after three months of hesitation I agreed. I gave them money – some ridiculous amount – on a trip to new York because I wanted to see new York actors. After hits they graciously decided to mention me in the credits as co-producer.Here was everything that we love Keitel: look, restrained emotions, unostentatious despair of the hero. Mr. white is remembered not because of his trick with the lighter, and thanks to the game, although the entire ensemble was terrific, and for their relationship with Tim Roth (Mr. orange) you’ve been through more than for your own.

Keitel played a variety of roles. He most often played people who were one or the other side of the law. Bastards, bastards, bastard cops and the cops become his Forte. To recall the «Bad Lieutenant». The role of the bastard, which is covered by law and thus seeks salvation, is considered to be one of the best in his career. This crack most likely was not even Kurt Cobain. Admittedly, Harvey has had problems with alcohol and drugs, but who was not hell.

But the most unusual role gave him the same Tarantino in «pulp fiction.» Role – «the man who solves problems», Winston wolf. Cute, nice European, sent by Marsellus Wallace to get rid of problems, but in fact to disguise and launder the heroes of Jackson and Travolta. But it was done brilliantly. At the time, Tarantino saved his career has been mired in drugs and Jackson has Lost respect in the industry Travolta. About their relationship with Keitel, we can say that he showed Hollywood talent that they didn’t want to consider, despite a recognition in Europe. Now he will thank Harvey in «Ridiculous six,» which will be released this year.

Now Keitel recognized the value of the lump that is removed in clever films. For example, touches in the «Youth», Sorentino. It’s beautiful to behold and doubly pleased that he is respected. In life it is very wise, very educated and highly cultured man, don’t be misled by his role. A better look at «Piano» to understand what it really is.

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