Harsh methods unique medicine of the past. Part II

Perhaps you watched «the Hospital Knickerbocker» and was impressed aggressive methods strict medicine of the past. I can assure you it is not the cruel and unusual methods of transporting patients to the light. There’s no mistake: patients often die in the O. R., it came back to normal. In the end, after such a ordeal to live a normal life was impossible. Greater degree of medical atrocities of the past read in the first part.

Feel diabetes taste

manygoodtips.com_19.04.2016_32z1Ln5CfSRNrHow can I explain this simpler… if you are a doctor, consider yourself lucky. The fact that until the beginning of the last century, doctors had to rely solely on their physical senses in order to make an accurate diagnosis. In the era before the advent of modern laboratories for one word about the thing which independently measures the blood sugar level, it was possible to go on a witch pyre. In short, to diagnose, unhappy doctors had to taste the urine of the patient. Really, what can you say about the condition of the patient better than the rich taste of his urine?

It all started in the ancient times even to the ancient Egyptian and ancient Indian physicians. They began to notice that ants attracted to the urine of diabetics. Making some simple conclusions, the doctors decided that, first, the urine should be sweet and second, the ants mate as oysters, country singer, so we’ll have to try it yourself.The first trash was described by the noble urination and physician Thomas Willis, who in 1674 noted that the urine of the patient with diabetes «perfectly sweet, as if it were imbued with honey or sugar». The beauty, isn’t it? And Lazarevskoe «History under the sign of Santillana Gil» hero and talks about his healing career:

I can say that when my doctor urine I had to drink much more than wine. I drank so much that finally decided to go to the actors.Waste, and sodomy continued, for doctors, and for the wine connoisseurs, a map with the urine, which can be used to determine the severity of the disease. Maybe you need to reduce the number of sweets in the diet of the poor or to give him more of mercury. Just mercury in those years, was actively used as a medicine, and not to send the patient to visit Hades.

It is logical that in those years appeared adequate, but the unscrupulous doctors who believed that drinking urine is stupid. At least to swallow and not spit. They were not moved by hatred of urine therapy, but a reasonable fear to get infected.

Now, thanks to accurate blood and urine tests, the doctors are deprived of a similar fate, and insulting nicknames. However, on the horizon of memory, the program «Malakhov+» and its advanced methods of treatment, according to which testing of urine, which is called «by heart», there is nothing unnatural.

Sleep my darling, go to sleep

Work.com.ua_19.04.2016_lshIKO53CtH1wIt is clear that in those troubled times, means of anesthesia were quite simple. No chloroform, only a rough and severe. Operating in the hospitals of the XIII–XVII centuries were completed following anesthesia kit: a bottle of strong liquor for the patient; a large wooden hammer, that the surgeon struggling thrashed on the head to be operated upon, cutting him; the noose, which during the operation neatly choked a patient if he began to recover; copper bell, which was beaten when the patient came to himself and began to speak roughly, scaring passers-by and evil spirits.

About medicinal methods to tell you will not all you can read Bulgakov. But about the tobacco enema became a Arsenal Dolittle after the discovery of America, to say. She did provide an anesthetic effect, but, unfortunately, quite modest.

Cut the language and not stutter

Here, perhaps, one of the most egregious examples of exorcism, according with the mentality of the XVIII-XIX centuries. So, they cut part of the language, so they are not very fond of (probably), but they did not yet understand that the stutterer client a neurologist, not a surgeon.


The technique was first developed in the mid-1800-ies the German surgeon Johann Friedrich Dieffenbacher. He believed that stuttering is caused by spasms in the skull that go across the length of the tongue. The doctor wisely suggested that to interrupt convulsive way we need only to make cuts. The first victim was a boy of 13 years who suffered from severe stuttering. After the surgery, the guy not only did not become less stutter, and began to pronounce sounds completely inaudible. However, this did not stop the murderous medic to take a ride across France and Germany, leaving behind mountains bleeding patients, some of whom died from blood poisoning or from its loss.»Language March» managed to stop only after the announcement of results. Before at least you can understand what he is talking about stuttering, but now it all became quite clear.

Now the method called hemiglossectomy actively used but only for removal of cancerous tumors language. Well and remains popular with fans of bodymodification that I love to do with your body anything you want, just not like normal people.

Artificial insemination involving a young student

manygoodtips.com_19.04.2016_dXrKYKSakFJVbIn 1884, the 41-year-old merchant from Philadelphia, and his 31-year-old wife went to the doctor with William Pancost relevant for the present time problem: they could not have children. Pancoast soon found out that the man is infertile, and most likely, because of the disease, amorous properties, which he received in the years of ardent youth. After use of a range of traditional, predictable, unsuccessful techniques, Pancoast went to extreme methods. The doctors decided separately to do wife. As soon as she was on the table, surrounded by six medical students, Pancoast have euthanized the pet of chloroform, impregnated her with a syringe genitals and stuffed with gauze (it seemed convincing). Now you may be asking yourself: «But if her husband was infertile, where did the active sperm?» Well, Pancoast just asked one cute medic to fill the syringe. No, not think, during the extraction of active sperm Pancoast did not participate, the student coped without the help of an older friend.

Like a real doctor and a man of honour, your secret Pancoast revealed only after 9 months when the light appeared healthy and strong boy. Only here is he revealed it to the man. Apparently, he is not particularly proud. Lowering the self-esteem of the unfortunate merchant, and together they decided it would be better if the wife never learns the secret. And all would be nothing if the envious students in 25 years has not published an article about the criminal negligence of the doctor. Jealous bastards, your doctor Laurel, who was considered a guru in infertility treatment. By the way, and not know College boy acknowledged his paternity or not. However, the fact remains: it was the first in the world artificial insemination is a method which is actively used in our days. Now, thank God, without seed cost of fraud.

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