Harsh methods unique medicine of the past. Part I


Gennady Petrovich Malakhov taught us one simple truth: urine cure all. Indeed, in old times it was considered the best antiseptic. And Gennady is an apologist cabbage leaf as a panacea for all ills. And wonder of wonder that the legendary ganinoj of the program «Malakhov +» for 7 years there in the ether, but its still remember. The aggravation and madness of the people’s absurdity, it has exceeded all conceivable limits. But all the folk and pseudo-folk methods of treatment pales in comparison with historical methods. This really was, and the trail passed through the violent, often lethal methods.

In the days when surgeons did not differ from the butchers, and of the treatments were herbs, or amputation, it was easier to die than to recover. Nepochetnoe and bloodthirsty craft has acquired many myths, but we will write about some of the facts, the opinion which is crazy.

The treatment of hemorrhoids. Without surgery and removal

In the popular understanding of the word «hemorrhoids» found a tragicomic tone. The disease nerds, nerds and other questionable personalities. However, any comic evaporates, hardly unpleasant nuisance swelling sets in you.

If it was possible to calculate the entire volume of medicinal creams and homeopathic remedies resorted to by people to not only go to the doctor, it becomes obvious that to treat hemorrhoid – it’s not eggs guhati! But trust me, our, God forbid (FIE-FIE-FIE through the left shoulder), overgrown with an unpleasant bump one, once you know about the outdated methods of treating the disease, you run blazing hemorrhoids, run to the doctor.

But first, a little background. In the old days the hemorrhoid was a very common disease among the nobility. Sitting on uncomfortable chairs not the most comfortable of poses monarchs, not indulging in excessive drinking, and carnal pleasures of the homosexual persuasion, I had to constantly fight with anal dirty tricks. There is a common belief that the Emperor Napoleon suffered a major defeat in the main battle in his life at Waterloo because of such troubles. Bleeding, discomfort lump bothered to give the correct orders and make the right decisions.

So poor practitioners of their progressive methods of the nobility, had in every possible way to try to deprive their benefactors from the torment.

The father of medicine Hippocrates devoted hemorrhoids a treatise of the seven parts. All methods, as the selection wasn’t very humanity seemed to be created in order to destroy humanity. It is clear that the knowledge of medicine was very different, but with a height of centuries and developed medicine it seems that doctors their patients hated, or had a very distorted, almost sadistic sense of humor. Judge for yourself, Hippocrates told patients pour boiling (is boiling, with bubbles, with a temperature under 100 degrees) solution of urine and water directly into the anus. But the treatment of diluted urine therapy infernal pales in comparison with other method. Simply put, in the ass would put a glowing red piece of iron. For more advanced cases used a tube filled with molten iron, which is inserted into the anus. A piston is a red-hot iron were moved along the tube up and down until then, until he collapsed hemorrhoid.


In comparison with all of this, the method of Avicenna, who recommended to drink blood hedgehog, it seems quite funny and harmless. Although patients were not laughing, and if the patient didn’t die of shock, then for a long time felt the inconvenience of infernal healing ass. At such moments it seemed that the hemorrhoids were far better. But the nodes came to the logical end: the hot metal destroyed them and securely sealed vessels, thus protecting from bleeding and infections. It is clear that the act of defecation for a long time turned into a living hell.

By the way, the process of burning were no different from torture. The patient was knitting, physician assistants held the victim, and especially not to twitch at the most delicate moment. And as antiseptics at that time was not, then the patient, often drunk to unconsciousness.

That’s the medicine. But I must admit that even after 2,000 years, in those days, when people realized that climbing up the mountain, they will not meet the gods, and snow desert, the methods haven’t changed much.

In 1882, he published the book «the Fistula, haemorrhoids, painful ulcer, narrowing, prolapse and other diseases of the rectum». In this treatise, the best way to get rid of the above diseases the use of red-hot pokers. The results of this treatment are unbearable pain, long time to heal, burns, abscesses, and if you overdo it with the poker, and death near. And this at a time when people began to pray to penicillin, not unicorns. There were certainly doctors, lopavshe demydivs lump with your fingers, like bubbles from the wrapping paper.

In General, in our time, the bump is removed by laser. More humane, not painful, but the roots still felt, especially when the OS is filled with the smell of burning knots. There is in this something of pokers in the ass.

Removing stone from the bladder (worse than childbirth)

If you suddenly thought that the bladder stones were formed only with the advent of coke and chips, you know that one of the Egyptian mummy in life suffered from this disease. Probably why they’re so angry that Brandon Frasier violates their peace.

In the Middle ages the cases of urolithiasis epidemic reached enormous sizes. Europe with regular tour that never dreamed of and Grigory Leps traveled professionals with lobotomia, nadrugavshis their carts special tables are not the most pleasant procedure. Outwardly, they vaguely resembled a gynecological chair, and they had one very good advantage: they are very quickly going to. Very handy for escaping the city in the case that the patient passed blood in the groin, dying. And this has happened often.

Surgery is done without such meaningless trifles as anesthesia or antibiotics, simply because these things at the time was not yet. Patient seated on table, physician assistants pushed the patient’s legs and lifted them up to the ears, regardless of gender and age. And while unfortunate (it is important to understand at what point he was unhappy before the surgery or after) was so spicy favourite gymnasts and porn actress pose, the surgeon, the patient touched with fingers to determine the size of the rock. And fingered so hard that the screams and cries of the unfortunate started at this stage. Making sure that the stone, the successor of Hippocrates incision was made just above the anus and the crystal the son of a bitch jumped out from the flesh like a cork from champagne.

If the stone refused to leave on good terms, then it turned bad, threatening with an iron hook. At that time the hooks were very standard and widely used medical tool. To describe the feeling when you just above the priests break rocks, very difficult.


It is clear that at that time the majority of patients after such operations have gone to another world. Someone’s life broke off a blood infection, some painful shock, and someone — broken hook inside.

But no need to shout and accuse the past of cruelty, lobotomy being practiced in modern medicine. A method very similar in its principle to lipotomy, until recently, were used to remove unwanted entity called «the child human».

Therapeutic recreation for the most beautiful

Not all diseases are physical. At the end of 1800-ies, for example, the female population of America came a weird rash that adversely affects the mental state. Virgo began spontaneously to shout, to show aggression and on the basis of a mental disorder require unthinkable things like equal rights with men. Fortunately, the neurologist Silas Weir Mitchell came to the rescue with his «rest cure», which was much less quiet than it might seem at first glance.

But let’s talk briefly about this talented psychiatrist, whose identity even when life has become a subject of numerous tales and anecdotes.

Of course, he had been educated, a qualified doctor, but with more plaque priduri. Adjusting health of soldiers during the civil war and feeling revolutionary methods of treatment, he was tired of medical excellence and is gone in literature, writing several historical novels. But let’s focus on his medical practice, which makes his personality more interesting than our beloved Anton Pavlovich – another writer with medical roots. Still, don’t be Mitchell-writer, the world would have lost nothing. But without Mitchell’s doctor it would have been much more boring.

Work.com.ua_12.04.2016_k4ldYGRFqxQ06Mitchell was absolutely sure that the cause of most nervous diseases is the usual hysteria and hypnosis. Somehow, after leaving the patient’s bedroom, confident that she is on the verge of death, Mitchell with tranquil views appealed to the relatives with the words: «a Couple of minutes and run out like a lamb! I’m burning the sheets. A typical case of hysteria.»

Next time a victim of the «good doctor» was a patient who believed himself to be paralyzed. Mitchell said from the doorway, take a moment and raped her, in proof of which he began to undress. When it came to underwear, paralyzed realized that the doctor was not joking, and shouting, ran out of the room at the paralyzed legs.Of course, the situation is more reminiscent of an anecdote, but they characterize the revolutionary methods of the healer thought to «the rest cure».

It would seem, what’s wrong with «the rest cure»? Lie down and rest. But not so simple. In fact, this method of treatment was reminiscent of the torture, gradually transforms the patient into a vegetable. In General, no different from the healing techniques in a modern psychiatric hospital. The patient could neither walk nor stand nor even move without the help of others. The patient could not see with family and friends, her company was only a nurse came to give her a massage and feed with a spoon, and a doctor. At the same time to talk, read letters, books and Newspapers are strictly forbidden. The victim, that is, the patient was in an information vacuum. On the one hand, well – don’t have to listen to the news about… about the problems in the colonies, economic instability, but on the other hand, from this it was possible to go crazy. I think I’m starting to understand where legs grow at the beginning of the cult film «Oldboy».

The method of Dr. Mitchell was to restore mental and physical condition of the patient. Low movement, low energy expenditure. Fed with a spoon, even the meat was cut into small pieces, only the patient hadn’t spent valuable energy chewing. More like a manual for those who want to become fat, but in fact this is the instruction for those who want to go crazy.

American writer Charlotte Perquis Gilman was treated at the fashionable doctors, and then wrote the textbook the story «the Yellow Wallpaper», was the best review of «therapeutic recreation». The heroine of the story treats depression by the method of Mitchell and eventually goes crazy in the room with the yellow Wallpaper.»

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