Harsh dude, literally Tr***novsi the couch was arrested.

It is fair to ask the question: who at least once not looked good on the couch and thought about how great it would be to make sweet-sweet love to his pillow?

Love the connection between man and the furniture was interrupted this month when a COP was off duty ran late at night past the left outside of the sofa, which was Gerard Streator.

According to the revised data, it became known that Gerard had been kind of a jerk and his behavior was observed lust and debauchery. As the officer said Ryan Edwards: «the object is bent over the sofa and looked like he was having a sexual relationship with someone that is lying on the sofa, I saw his hips moving up and down.»

I understand that this dude looks exactly like a guy who is not a bummer potachits with a discarded old sofa. Well, look at him, am I wrong? Of course not. Edwards concluded that the suspect was trying to satisfy himself and rubbed his penis between the cushions of the sofa. Oh, these sexy couch…

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