Harsh and strange Liam Neeson

The Irishman is not just a nationality, it’s sort of an indelible mark. If you were born on the «emerald Isle» and decided to connect his life with acting, or you play heroes-lovers, or desperately tough guys. And Liam Neeson is proof of this. And few people remember him in romantic roles, in recent years, he has firmly occupied the niche of «tough guy without fear and without reproach», which the kidnappers daughter will be killed, and the terrorists will kill you and everyone around will kill you, never blinking. But recently in this niche shamelessly reigned only one Statham. But it is worth noting that Neeson is now 63 years old, and bear the title of the main «tough guy» of Hollywood-he’s doing great.

However, the movie is one thing, and quite another – his personal life. Neeson can easily be called a man of mystery on an international scale, but, as usual, in order.

Liam makes the first steps in life

Liam was born into a poor and deeply religious Catholic family. This fact should draw special attention. Why learn on. His mother worked as a cook, and his father was a caretaker in a Catholic school for boys. In fact, in those years in Ireland almost every second family was poor.

Like any boy from the lower classes, Neeson needed a seasoned character and ability to stand up for themselves. Given the peculiarities of the mentality, had to fight constantly and to beat more precisely, Liam started Boxing. Such activity not only made him a menace to the neighborhood, but also opened some prospects after winning the Junior championship. However, then Neeson resembled rocky after the fight with Apollo Creed, so much of its osozdanii hot Irish juniors. However, the mother of Liam is not like a broken nose and a broken cheekbone son, she was more pleased with Liam’s other passion is, of which it was given as absorbing as training is a passion for theatre. In school and College he always participated in the initiative. There was no need to ask twice, Liam took on any role: from Tybalt to a tree in «the wind in the willows». However, in those years, Neeson planned to associate with Boxing: scuffle seemed more promising and guaranteed full life. However, parents are concerned that my son will be a boxer, or actor, has managed to convince the big man to find a normal job. Had to enter Queen’s University in Belfast.

And then begins a typical story of a Hollywood actor. Like most colleagues, Neeson read, but extremely ignorant. At school he studied poorly, and the University is bad enough that he was finally expelled for chronic underachievement. Hoping for a decent job, he decided to try his hand as an apprentice architect, but soon he got tired of it: too complicated and laborious affair, a broken head did not want to. Waving to his studies, he worked as a truck driver, a carpenter, a truck driver. In parallel, he did not retire from acting.

Liam makes the first steps in the movie

I always dreamed of the film business. When I was 18, the local Church was shooting a promotional video and were looking for a guy for the role of young Jesus. I decided to go to the casting and passed it. I got paid a little something, but it seemed like some incredible earnings.In the hope that it will notice that Neeson auditioned, pestering various theatre companies. He was given a small cameo role, but Liam is not happy, he wanted more. And in 1976 he was lucky, he was accepted into the troupe of the Belfast theatre. The first step was taken, however the large role he was given. In 1981, the actor was invited to the Dublin theatre, and there he had to settle for a small. Soon Neeson was again taken, and directed by John Boorman and invited him to the role of sir Gawain of Orkney in the movie «Excalibur». The role of a knight without fear and reproach in the beautiful armor opened Liam’s way in the harsh world of cinema.

Appeared roles, there were offers, but even they could not satisfy the ambition of the actor. Neeson wanted fame, which has been anywhere but near him. He even went to Hollywood to make movies, but the only benefit from these trips – American citizenship, which he still is. The actor lives in new York, being at home only on short visits.

The textured, serious, tempered the harsh winds of the Atlantic ocean, punching beats and the streets of Belfast, Liam was just waiting for their roles. Healthy as an ox (his height is 192 cm), he was very talented to play the stupid bulls. Roles were many, and they were all diverse, but the desired fame did not bring.

Liam gets his dose of fame. Liam well, Liam is happy

That all changed in the 90s. he Gradually became a star in 2-3 paintings per year. Filmed, of course, in Hollywood, so beloved theatre had to leave reluctantly. As it turned out later, it’s worth it. The confession fell on the actor, like a snowball, after an exit on the wide screen «Schindler’s List». Too complex, too tragic film about the horrors that must never be repeated.

In which Neeson had, had to play well or not play. The film is incredibly complicated psychologically, it refused to remove Polanski, Scorsese, Pollack, and Spielberg decided to join. The role of Schindler refused Harrison Ford that only left an imprint. But Neeson did good back there. Transformation from businessman to humanist illustrates so well that not mentioning his nomination for «Oscar» for best actor and the award «Golden globe», the Academy just couldn’t.

However, the best acting job of Neeson should be called a biographical picture about the famous Irish freedom fighter Michael Collins. Here out all the talent that periodically asleep to the mighty body of the actor. The Irish roots, the memory of the then recent terrorist attacks by the IRA, but the role failed. You must see this very informative and interesting film about madness called «the Irish revolution».

My 55 Directors suddenly saw me as a tough guy! Of course, I was happy, but you can’t run around with a gun in his hand.However, after the «Collins» historical masterpiece «Rob Roy» and «Les Miserables», where he played Jean Valjean in the body of the actor was observed some maniacal craving for huge earnings and action. Broke uncle. First laser Jedi qui-gon Jinn from «Star wars», then one after another followed the gangster movies: «gangs of new York», «Hostage». They brought Neeson unwavering fame and recognition, even in countries such as Vanuatu, but absolutely killed his actor. The usual thing: the actor plays those roles he is offered, but the monotony made it a glazed look in terms of career, his talent started to forget, and he became the object of Western memes – over the gross abuse of Neeson not stebetsya just lazy. Perhaps he just needs to star in something like «Rob Roy», «Schindler’s List» and «Michael Collins». Fingers crossed and wannadies that the script to this film is already written.

Sometimes there is a false sense that they can predict a film’s success, but each time a finger to the sky. When I was working on «the Hostage», we thought he will be released immediately on DVD. Not because the film is badly staged or filmed it is made great, but it’s such a simple little story from the «B» category. I was shocked when he fired.

Liam in life

Life Neeson mercilessly beat on the head, and then with not smaller enthusiasm was rewarded for suffering. Of the year was more than offset by international recognition. But in family life the idyll gave way to disaster.

With his wife Natasha Richardson, a famous actress, Liam Neeson met on the Broadway stage. It was the perfect, model couple. They lived together for 15 years, gave birth to two sons. But in 2009, something terrible happened to the mountain: Natasha crashed in the ski resort.

Liam was very upset, he literally lived in the hospital. All night on duty by her bedside, but nothing good happened.

To be a single dad is very difficult, even if you’re incredibly cool. Outlook breaks down, nerves are shot, and you look at life completely different angle. Liam began to look at life so differently, I accepted Islam. I studied a lot of religion of Catholics, but in my mind remains unanswered two questions: what are we doing on earth and what created this world, the answers to which I found in Islam.

This sudden decision for a Catholic it took 58 years, after hearing the adhan (during his recent visit to Turkey, and not because he voiced the lion Aslan in «the Chronicles of Narnia»). Does Islam on the decision to play the tough guys? I think not.

Prayer has had an amazing impact on my mental state. During his visit to Turkey I saw a video on namaz of Muslims and felt that influence. In the first week it was difficult to pray five times a day, but gradually I began to feel a positive effect on your state of mind, and it was surprising to me.So let go of the Irishman far from home, he converted to Islam. But this does not prevent Liam proudly wear the title of officer of the order of the British Empire, which he was awarded the Queen herself.

The journalists who spoke with Neeson, in one voice assured that he is incredibly cool man. Paul McCartney claims that Neeson is a cool guy, and everyone who has ever talked to him, praising the Irish. And good people did not mind, especially the good wishes. Let fate not caught him by surprise, his beloved Liverpool finally starting to show stable game and a dream to visit Iran will become a reality! Yes, it is Iran, he is an unusual man.

Actually, I would love to go to Iran. I heard there is excellent river fishing. My buddy, who leads the sports channel ESPN program about fly fishing, can not wait, when are we going to Iran. But most likely, this will have to wait a bit.By the way, Neeson spoke about his bait. For example, if he sees a dead deer on the road, then stops and cuts off a piece of fur. Near the ear the fur is very soft and fluffy – fish on such baits bite perfectly. Where Liam finds so many dead deer – that is the question. Perhaps in life it is no less severe.

P. S. Many people ask: how did right – Liam or Liam. That’s right – William, his name is William. «Liam» is short and «Liam» is the wrong pronunciation of the word «lime».

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