Harry Harrison — a true master of good fiction

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Among people not knowledgeable and perhaps narrow-minded is the view that fiction and detectives are absolutely second-rate genres. Of course, fantasy and detectives may not like (which, it is believed that the man or her friend reads those books), but to think that they are inferior somehow unworthy freethinking bro.

Harry Harrison died last year in August, it was a real shock for fans of science fiction, because Harry was a true legend. Good writers are notable humorous fiction not so much. Come to mind names such as Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, shackley and it was Harry Harrison.

Harry was born under the name of Henry Maxwell Dempsey. Yes, his name was exactly, father Harry was the Joker who managed to enroll my son under a false name, Harry grew up and the name has changed.

Gary Garrison1517590314Like most good writers, Harry knew that he would become a writer as a child, when he was 13, he tried to write the first book. And it was fantastic, Harry liked her very much. At 18 he wrote his first novel, publish it and did not work — there was no point, was 1943. In 26 years, a guy drawing comic books and cartoons, and in 1960 published his first novel, «Untamed planet». And away we go.

«World of death», a cycle which includes a novel «Untamed planet» can be considered the second most popular cycle in Harrison. In fact, like most books Harrison, the cycle of how one man confronts the bright grey and unpleasant reality. This is what he gets. Telekinetika Jason Al Dean takes on the fate of the entire planet. Sometimes you even get. The subtle mockery of all the usual layers and groups of the population of the globe is present.

As Harrison gave the army almost three years of his life, he knew that there are people with special, one can say, unique in the worst sense of the word, mind. The cycle of novels «bill, hero of the galaxy». Vulgar military humor is also available.

The most famous Saga of Harry Harrison was the story of the master thief in the distant future, Jim Degryse. This funny and cynical Saga known to almost every fan fiction, and the secret is simple: interesting character, spitting on the society, a cynical adventure and great sense of humor. The cycle covers the birth and old age of this gorgeous hero. He becomes a super-thief who joins the army, travels in time, goes to Hell, where the winds of the devil, marries a woman of the same mindset and makes her children. In General, full of life guy with a good heart.

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In addition to these three cycles, Harry Harrison, there are good and not so good stories, a couple of fantastic novels, and (quite suddenly) a couple of serious novels in the difficult genre of alternative history. This series «Eden» and «the Hammer and the cross».

The last years of his life Harry had not written, but is actively visited all sorts of festivals fans of anime and science fiction, which has always been a welcome guest. Last year, the news of his death shocked the world lovers of good fantasy fiction, it was a real tragedy. However, we still have his wonderful book…

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