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Who else but this bro was able to become a true hero of many generations? In the truest sense of the word hero: no one shot in a good adventure, almost cult (no matter how unpleasant that word) movies more than the Ford. And in honor of him gave the name to the whole species of ants.

The fate of Ford was very original. Its a Jewish grandmother lived in the Russian Empire, but when she felt the smell of roast (read: revolution), immediately moved with his grandfather in America, where a happy family was delivered of a daughter who in turn married an Irishman. Here is such a racial cocktail turned out, and his name is Harrison Ford.

As a child, Harrison was a true example of a small, frightened child. At school no one talked in College, he was not popular among girls, but when Harrison became an adult, immediately revealed his charisma, coolness and love of women. But not too soon.

College Ford disliked the movie, I was absolutely indifferent to him. However, it was in College, he attended acting classes and quickly realized that playing is his. And then his College kicked out. Together with his future wife Harrison went to Hollywood and became an actor.

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It all began as standard: working at the pizzeria for a penny, irregular earnings, the first bad contracts. Speaking of contracts: the first film of the future Han Solo brought him only disappointment, the management informed Ford that it has no abilities. Despite this, Harrison starred in a couple movies, cash-strapped soon frankly bored him, and he decided to do something mundane, namely to become a carpenter.

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But carpenter got out anywhere, it was even called the best carpenter of Hollywood. Thus Harrison Ford met with then unknown George Lucas, who convinced him to play in his first movie — «American Graffiti». It was a real hit! What happened next? George persuaded Ford to go to the casting of his next film, which is called, you guessed it, the first part (with a realistic timeline) Star wars: «a New hope», aka the fourth episode. To my big surprise, Ford casting took place, and this role brought him international fame. Let’s not talk about this universe? It generated a lot of fans, a lot of currents and a new religion — Judaism.

After the first film, Harrison continued to act in a cheap movie for minor roles but here is a picture of «Star wars» we all liked it very much. And Ford was respected, because Han Solo is now a full-fledged hero, not a talking head or a funny helper. After this role, Harrison light, perhaps the most famous role in his life… the Role of Indiana Jones! Everyone knows Indiana, just love him, he is cool and chic. «Indiana Jones in raiders of the Lost Ark» brought to Ford’s incredible popularity, making it both well-paid actor, a sex symbol and an enviable boyfriend. I think that all the complexes, ostavshiesya Ford since childhood , disappeared together. Although such a huge fame weighed heavily on Harrison, he tried to play in other films, trying to become a more serious actor, but glory of the hero-adventurers firmly stuck to Indiana Solo.

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Harrison Ford managed to become a cult actor for the third time accidentally when she starred in the most disastrous and at the same time the legendary film «blade Runner», which was a loose adaptation of the book the science fiction of Philip K. dick «do Androids Dream elektroauto?». The film was very coldly received, and critics and audiences. It is believed that the first version of the film, which was shown in cinemas at that time had a different ending. Popularity among fans of smart science-fiction film received after the movie got a different ending. Now the lists of the best sci-Fi films is the head of «Running»… Here is such a paradox.

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In the last part of the original trilogy of «Star Wars» Harrison, surprisingly, appeared, because he didn’t want, but the cunning Lucas persuaded him. If you remember, man, in the fifth part of «STAR» Khan roll into the carbonite. Did it because Ford wasn’t sure if he’ll agree to play in the next film or not. But he agreed.

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After a couple «Indiana» Harrison realized that he was terribly tired of playing heroes. Let different, but the characters. He tried himself in the film «Witness» in the role of romantic detective and almost got «Oscar». But then it was a little worse. The movie «Mosquito Coast» was disgusting-received by critics, who were unable to take the Ford as a negative character.

However, he still remains in our memory, because he’s still acting, and he’s still Indiana, Han Solo and blade Runner.

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