Harem? Easy!

Stop.com.ua_13.02.2014_SgsxmCzUgWvcJThe prospect of having a harem of attractive many people think. All men love variety, everyone wants from time to time to try something new. If harem is the limit of your dreams, it is necessary to make a dream come true. How to have serious relationships with several girls? How to make them available to you on the first call?

The constant search for

It is important to understand that the constant rotation of girls in your bed is an endless game. You can never relax, lay on the Royal bed and contemplate his Kingdom. You always have to work hard to score. If new to this business, just come on, come out and meet and so on without end.

If you had sex with a girl, you have two choices: either she’ll disappear (literally in a couple of meetings), to continue to ride on the endless merry-go-round of members, or begin to impose on you obligations. Remember: so you’re looking for variability, you have no guarantees. You just go out and do their thing. The only constant thing in our lives — the inconstancy of women. Awareness of this makes you brave, and automatically more attractive. Time goes by, you avoid commitments is the guarantee of stability. Women are permanent in their impermanence, you are consistent in their attempts to get closer with them.

Don’t get attached

Under no circumstances can not be attached to any friend, otherwise there goes your harem. In this case emotions will only hinder you. In the end, if you have four girls you see from time to time, three of them will not allow you to allocate the fourth.

In practice, there is still a danger to experience these friends feelings, and you’ll be very upset if one of them will leave you for someone else. That can’t happen. Every day remind yourself that your goal is not a stable relationship with a friend, and sexual abundance. Any cold as ice.

Learn to write messages

A distinctive feature of the described relationship with the girls — rare meetings (once a week, and sometimes even less). Therefore, you must become a master of messages: SMS, Facebook, comments on Instagram — everything is in motion. In our days it is difficult to imagine a girl aged 18 to 29 years, which on a smartphone is not worth the addition of at least one social network. Get ready: we will rule the harem remotely via messages.

If you’re still not good at this part, strengthen your power. Follow the lives of their friends, talk with them on easy subjects so they can create the illusion of a kind of belonging to you, but keep your distance so they had no idea and more often to see you. We must constantly hold their interest to you. Master class on writing for free here and here.

Cover their tracks

Of course, none of your concubines did not want to share with others and to know their status concubines. If only they didn’t know each other, you have to become a strategist. Must carefully choose meeting places, to friend’s accident is not crossed.

Your house should not be assorted women’s hair, earrings and other traces. You know how girls love to mark territory: leave toothbrushes and other invisible things — even perfume. Everything will have to be covered up. When the shit will hit the fan, you have to lie, but not anything to offer her an explanation, but if she doesn’t like it, well, let him go. Remember: the most effective way to lie is to convince yourself that telling the truth.

Avoid talking about «us»

As we have said above, a relationship can develop in two keys: either she doesn’t want commitments and leaves, or she wants you to hands. In this case, would not have to give in and engage in serious conversations when you start asking how to call your relationship and what they are.

Any available for her only from time to time and don’t act like her boyfriend any chance she’d understand: you’re avoiding commitment. Just in case you get involved in the conversation about us, be evasive. It is impossible to comply and treat it differently, believing that she sees you in all its glory and fear. Don’t get scared. Even if you lose, remember: it is better to get rid of a friend who very much wants from you and demonstrating their predatory nature.

Be in good shape

Regularly going to the gym, run and eat right. Drink a lot of water and little alcohol. Don’t smoke. You will need excellent form to get with several women. If you managed to have a rotation of three or four girls, you will have plenty of sex — and each of them you will need to provide a rich sex life. If you don’t spend on her emotions, the sex must be really outstanding, otherwise you’ll lose her.

Understand: this will not necessarily make you happy

All read? Guess that sleep with multiple women is difficult. They will always surround you, throw your problems, jealousy, suspicion, checks and requirements and your position will always be precarious. In one day you can lose two of them — that’s why you always have to approach women. A dubious pleasure.

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