Hard times: don’t do it when it all goes to hell

manygoodtips.com_7.04.2014_igm8Zlwy2cQSXHard times come in life of every man. You make bad decisions and fall into deep depression. Sometimes you yourself are to blame, sometimes a lot of different factors have an impact on your life and resulted in the difficulties of life. The head should always hold proudly, not allowing yourself to questionable decisions. Not only because they are unworthy of you, they are fraught with consequences. For example, remorse. I remember the story of Jack London «Love of life», where starving is not the main character felt the need to gnaw the bones of man at the time, left him in the lurch. Generosity doesn’t leave you even when everything goes to hell. Today we will tell you about the important things that you do not want to do when everything is obviously bad.

1. To hide the truth even from themselves

When things are bad, many guys lie. They hide the truth about his situation not only from relatives but also from themselves. I remember the post bankruptcy? If you lost your position in society and state, admit it. The worst thing is when a person hides the truth from himself, continuing to buy expensive clothes, thinking that they make him the man he was before. If you don’t admit there is a problem, it will not disappear. The problem will remain, and not to notice it — the same thing that I did not notice the elephant in the room — every minute will only get worse.

2. To dream of a life, «like everyone else»


On naive adolescent belief that hypothetical people around life easier and happier than you! It may seem that your neighbor is living better than you. He had a big car, a beautiful wife, children smarter, and he smiles often. Like he Flanders from the Simpsons. Nobody thinks that the people around can also be a problem. The «ideal» relationship is in fact not so perfect. Everyone has their own problems that they successfully hide. The greatest folly in the world to be jealous of someone because he lives without pain. Another stupidity to think that pain is something bad. Pain makes us stronger, it strengthens our spirit and gives time for reflection. Pain makes us understand that we are doing something wrong.

3. View past mentally again and again

Another harmful soul-searching, which is good, nobody wants. The past is the past. As you would not have revived it in memory, to relive it again you’re not. Even if you will closely reproduce the good moments from the past, they will not bring you happiness, as they lost the crucial element of novelty. There are people whose life revolves around one very dramatic moment that they cannot overcome. It reminds me of a story from my childhood. The mother of my school friend lost her father in a car accident. Instead of living and to raise her son, who was then 10 years old, she is drunk and with a very beautiful woman turned into a terrible fallen woman who ultimately committed suicide. So the past should be left in the past.

All these «used to be good and at ease, and now bad» should be left in the past and never recall.

4. Hold onto the image of himself to something bad


Bad times bring us benefits. They change us for the better. They can make us callous, more powerful, more cruel, but the most important thing they do is they change us. Good times, we almost are not reflected: we’re just having fun and quietly enjoy life. But hard times force us to experience just space and the incredible changes that can dramatically change our inner appearance. Hold himself still, when you have in mind, something has changed, just as bad as trying to stay in the storm for a measly sliver, which a strong wind picked up with you. Who never fought, never grow up. You have to let go of who you were, and so you can become who you really are.

5. Anxiety and thinking about the situation makes it much worse

Therefore, you should try to clear your mind when things are bad. Bad not the situation — bad constant memories of her that deprive you of sleep, rest and proper nutrition. Anxiety and negative thinking will never lead to positive changes. However, a positive attitude and decisive action can change everything. If you don’t like something, start to think differently. If you can’t change the situation (and it happens very often), think about it differently. You choose to be miserable or happy.

6. Want to get answers to all the questions

Sometimes a little information is the best amount of information. The whole stream of answers to tormenting questions when it’s clear, is a great way to finish off any hope. Do you want to? Sometimes suspension is the best, because then you will understand what you need.

7. The obsession with negative news


Some dude in the bad periods of his life literally obsessed with the need to see more negativity around. Bad news, bad movies, reading Newspapers with the bad news — all of this you need to eliminate from your life. Do not despair from the melancholy songs, try to come up positive.

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