Hard? Time to make life easier

We often complain that we say that life is relatively simple, but all have some problems that make it much more difficult in the eyes of the afflicted. The problem with these children is that they have painted themselves into some kind of framework, which, of course, spoil their lives, they see no way out, because on the way to the exit, which is at arm’s length, piled so much garbage, which to him seems like an impossible task. Today we once again roll up our sleeves and try to give rulebook of life, which, as this and this will help you to overcome the crisis and become the right man for a new generation. Do not forget that these tips come to us every day, write several authors from different approach to the problem.

1. Don’t think someone can understand you without words, and you can read someone’s thoughts

Understanding each other without words, the ability to end sentences other and talk at the same time is something that comes with time and can only happen between similar people. And it’s a little scary. If you want the girl, your family, your friends understand what you want to say to them, grow some guts and say so. Hints and allusions are understood in a completely randomnum order. You can hint that you have difficulties with money, and someone will think that you killed a prostitute and kept her corpse under the mattress. Think about it!

2. Be polite but don’t try to make friends

The most hypocritical people — those who are trying to be friends with all. Most often they do not understand that hypocritical, because the approach to different people requires permanent changes in behavior and personality. Even the most friendly and sociable extrovert is trite polite with those who meets on the way. Anyone who wants to be friends with all, egomaniac and somewhat authoritarian personality whose obsessive desire to be friends frankly annoying. There are a lot of people who don’t want strangers meddling in their lives, ignoring their wish, remember this! Surely someone secretly hates, but can’t say, «You’re bigger than life!»

3. Don’t wait too long with your health problems

Somewhere two or three years ago, I began to play tricks knee. Scrunched, weird aches, and once my legs buckled. I sucked, rubbed ointment and did not go to the podiatrist. When I couldn’t straighten the leg, I decided to go to the doctor. Of course, when the leg became more or less normal. As a result, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. While more or less will not restore knee I can’t squat with a barbell and going to martial arts. Began to take care of the knee before, at least the shoes for training decent bought — it would all be different. So do not delay!

4. Try to live modestly, don’t buy anything you don’t need, but don’t deny yourself small pleasures

Old Warren Buffett — one of the richest men in the world, he still lives in the old house and keeps skromnyashka, as befits any person who earned my money. The stupidest thing in the world to live beyond their means. To buy expensive machines when you’re difficult to provide their content and steal their can any punks. To buy unnecessarily expensive gym membership, although each rocking chair can handle your fat better overseas simulators. To take out loans to buy expensive gadgets, clothes, food and other nishtyaki show. Spend half of their income on t-shirts with branded icons and thread sticking out everywhere, is to show the world that you are a poor poser-rogue, which normal man can only regret. Must live even can not afford, and a little below, because then the money on something cool like a hobby, travel or delicious buns after rocking. No, not possible!

5. Of sleep every night

In this article we tell you about that is always to find a compromise between desires and needs. But with age you realize more than anything is to sleep. Even sex can be neglected if get up early tomorrow. Slept for four hours — vegetable, exercise is not going to work not working.

6. Get up thirty minutes early

If you don’t have time to eat Breakfast and come to work on time, you have a problem. To lie in bed to watch another dream or keep warm, it’s silly, because if you didn’t get up right away, you’ll feel overwhelmed always. Dospat is a bad idea, a good idea to fully awaken.

7. Men shake hands when they meet, and the girls smile

Can and stick to kiss. The main thing is not to behave as though you are a nobleman on a horse, and all around nothing but slaves.

8. Don’t be afraid to surround yourself with who are better than you

As if we didn’t have a soul, there are enough dudes who are better than us. A lot of guys are secretly jealous of them and try to stay away, but instead is to overcome your unworthy feelings and to include these dudes in your social circle. Why do people quietly tolerate those who openly despise, are trying to manipulate them, but flee as from fire from those who can learn something new.

8. Get rid of things you don’t use

For centuries I collected magazines about computers and computer games in the future to read them. But when there was frankly nowhere to go, had to get rid of the best and to leave for posterity the most significant, for example, on the output of the first and second Half-life.

9. When you’re angry or you’re sad, do not eat and do not drink alcohol, instead get some exercise

For myself I know how it works. Alcohol may drive you to even greater depths of despair, a pleasant time of such cutting pain, but a gym/charge/run will make you feel that your sadness was complete garbage that it was not. And this is much better than to suffer and whine in the corner like a woman.

10. Fill the gas tank on the way home in the evening and not in the morning when rushing to work

Because the morning will be a lot the same as you.

11. Move closer to work

My good friend Ivan for his entire life rents an apartment in fucked the world, which could never be serviced by public transport straight and my car — always need some time to walk. I do not remember any normal apartment, everyone was such an ass that you never knew existed. Rental housing in this place was cheaper for two or three thousand. When this dude always had to go to work for two hours in a crowded bus. The situation has not changed even when a man married, his wife went to work every day as well, and in her prayers Vanya did not penetrate. Convenience — an important resource. Have to drive two hours to work and two after, and even with the dubious prospect of finding transport is a stupid idea. And all this to save two thousand rubles per month.

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