Hard Rock Cafe — rappers don’t belong here

manygoodtips.com_25.08.2014_Ek2r8h9rTmKAcIconic brand with an interesting history and originally from London. Yes, this bar is magically cool, but don’t worry — if you’ve never visited, it does not mean that you are not a rocker, or that you can now listen to rock. Basically it is a popular name, but for some relic. In any case, this place is worth attention.

Of course, the history of brand creation is not done without the participation of the legendary band The Doors. Do you know any of their songs. And the name Jim Morrison is not for you an empty phrase. It all started back in 1969, when the band decided to record its next album. By happy coincidence, in Los Angeles, the soloist came across a hotel called «Morrison hotel». Of course Jim came up with the idea to somehow bind the new album up to this point.

It was decided to name the album in honor of this property, so did they. But now I had to come up with a cover of the disc. Jim offered to do the pictures directly to this hotel. But group members could not make it a legal method as the owners of the hotel put a ban on shooting in their building. Had to get out and act differently. The group snuck into the hotel and is never seen again has made the necessary pictures.

manygoodtips.com_25.08.2014_eaXh3Owk32EP5When The Doors came back from the hotel and laughed over what had happened, they suddenly saw a place called «Hard Rock Cafe». The fact that the new album answered is style hard rock. The boys went to the dining room, bite there, and then took a few snaps. One of them was destined to appear on the cover of the new album. Without even noticing, Jim Morrison and his team have created a new brand, which later became popular all over the world.

Later, the photographer of The Doors said: «after about a year after the release of the album we get a call from some guy from England and said, «hi. Do you mind if we use the name of the cafe from the back of the album cover? We planned to open a cafe here in London, and we would like to give him that name.» Of course, the band did not mind and even support entrepreneurs.

A year after the release of the album on the streets of London were the first Hard Rock Cafe. Hall bar located in a former showroom of Rolls Royce. Soon the combination of American food and rock-n-roll has led the brand to success. The worldwide known logo «Hard Rock Cafe» made famous by British designer and Illustrator Alan Aldridge. T-shirts with this image accepted to buy when you visit the bar.

In addition to Souvenirs you can take from the bar a good mood and leave this place whole paycheck in one night. What are bad brands? Due to the world-famous name, they quite rightly can charge you $ 50 for a hamburger.

manygoodtips.com_25.08.2014_MUY0Vs9uCcN6oAll «Hard Rock Cafe» is a place for relics. The story of the creation of the unique collection began with the guitar of Eric Clapton in the 70’s. no One could even imagine that this is only the beginning. It was just a joke, which gave birth to the whole tradition. Old Eric made friends with the owners of the bar and asked them to score for your name table at all times. And they in return invited Clapton to keep the guitar in order to identify your table.

Eric did so, and a week later in the «Hard Rock Cafe» came a Gibson Les Paul guitar in the package from Pete Tausende from the band The Who with a short note: «And not my worse. With love, Pete.» This guitar also hung in the bar.

The chain Hard Rock Cafe has grown, and with it’s collection of priceless relics that still delight visitors to this star.

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