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Work.kom.ua_11.07.2014_Frb11ghNkLjU6Grill season manygoodtips.com continues. This time we will tell you how to make super-light and super-compact grill, for carrying which you do not need to use a Hiking backpack. This buddy fits in a normal city handbag.

You will need:

high tin out of the drink (best suited cans of beer bellied CocaCola banks — no growth left for our idea);

thick aluminum wire;

2 U-bolts (U-clamp);

2 movable bracket;

10 screws with round head;

metal handle


1. Cut the jar horizontally. Be careful, the edges will be very sharp the banks.


2. Make a few incisions on the sides of one of the halves of the jar. Chosen half will be the bottom part of the grill. Carefully bend the sharp edges inwards. Just don’t do it with bare hands. Try to use a wooden Popsicle stick, or any other suitable object. Thus, you’ll get something like «shelves» on which will rest the grille of a future grill.


3. Thick aluminum wire is processed sandpaper and bend as shown. The grill on ready!




4. Make two pairs of holes at the bottom of the bottom of the grill. The distance within each pair should correspond to the distance between the two parts of the U-bolt. «Proden» clamps through the bottom of the jar as shown in the photo, to fix them with bolts and stretch the legs received hands for stability.



For the sake of.com.ua_11.07.2014_Im30Kze82igI3


5. Staple the two halves of the banks with the help of two movable clamps and screws round head.




6. The same screws fasten the top cover small BBQ metal handle. Enjoy your BBQ!



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