Happy New year, dudes!

Happy New year, dudes! I could finish my greetings.

But this is not enough. Little to congratulate all of our readers. All those for whom our team works. All those who have been with us since the beginning and remains to this day.

When it all started, it was hard for me to understand what is the success rate manygoodtips.com. It was difficult to understand how to determine: do we do everything right? At first it seemed that the success is the number of materials that are published in our magazine. Then I thought that the indicator that we are doing everything correctly, is the number of advertisers who are interested in this project. Was that a successful website should be a lot of likes in social networks. In General, as always, everything turned out differently, and time will put everything in its place.

My mail increasingly began to receive letters about what our readers thank us for this or that article or in General for our work. One sheet, two, three… Before writing this text I decided to read all these letters to get in the right mood. Created a folder and decided to move all emails in one place. Next to the folder «Gratitude cowcow» proudly lit up with the number 113. I don’t know it or not, these 113 letters that came in the last eight months, for me personally, an indication that we are moving in the right direction. What we interesting to our readers. Rarely thank someone every two days.

Probably the only one can dream of the editor, is regular readers, and we have accumulated a lot. At the beginning of the year we watched not more than 1000 people a day. Now the journal is visited by 300,000 people a month. We have become recognized, we begin to love in spite of our harshness. And it’s not only our merit. Without you guys we couldn’t have done it. Every comment, bad or good, it is perceived as a little gift. This means that the text was not simply posted on the web — read it, and, moreover, he caused the reader some thoughts and emotions. For this I want to continue to work and get better. What we are doing.

Long thought, what to wish a huge mass we read of people who live in the seven countries, whose difference in age is nearly 25 years old that have hundreds of different Hobbies. Beautiful girlfriends? But some wives-beauties. Good health? It is possible, but it seems the wish of the grandmother my grandson’s 18th birthday. A great mind? But if it was you, you would not know how to read, and hence wishes I hadn’t seen it. And then I remembered how at the medical University when I answered at the blackboard, I got the Latin phrase «Ubi amīci, ibi opes», which means «Where friends, there riches». And I remembered how many of my problems ceased to be, when my best friend uttered her signature «fuck it, dude». Friends — that’s what I wish you in the new year — real, reliable friends.

More I will not deliver here lyrics snotty New year’s eve. Not a real man is. I think all of my emotions will give simple and concise: happy New year, dudes! Thank you for what you are with us.

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