Happily ever after

manygoodtips.com_7.07.2014_aROqXxavWcvxpEven the good man is not necessarily good in the relationship. However, everyone has a chance to become the best in everything, and in cases of intimate too, especially if you want a really strong serious relationship.

1. Destroy your script «perfect relationship»

As well as the outline of the «perfect girl». Your only not to be perfect, and your relationship would not develop in trained you scenario. Just go with it, and don’t be scared that everything is not going as you had planned.

2. Goodbye

Everyone makes mistakes. If you care about this person and relationship with him, you should learn how to forgive.

3. Play in the team

Relationship is such a thing, for existence which takes two. So you have to be a team player.

4. Develop relationship with it

To build a strong and long relationship it is important to remember that the relationship is exactly the process. And in your power to make the process more enjoyable for both of you.

5. Adapt

Do not expect that one day your head will fall the perfect girl from the world of fairytales and dreams, and you will fit together like two halves of a walnut. Your lady is sure to be another couple of disadvantages that you have to take.

6. Develop your own interests

No, you don’t have to be round the clock near each other and do everything together. If she doesn’t share your love for climbing, it does not mean that you should give up your hobby. Adapting to the wants and needs of the partner, you run the risk of losing their own individuality and as a result, cease to be interesting for her.

7. Do not keep score

This week did you wash the dishes 7 times and she’s 5. So does she think she is?!

Relationships are not a competition and not an «exchange of courtesies». It is not necessary to assess their quality because of how much reverence was made. «Account management» gives the relationships of a commercial hue.

8. Take care of yourself

Being in a relationship, many begin to believe that all think — is happiness of a loved one. But do not forget about yourself. Lucky you, happiness for your girl.

9. Develop your best qualities

You feel you could be kinder, smarter… faster, higher, stronger? Develop these qualities. Your girlfriend will love that.

10. Praise her

Your girlfriend has decided to become faster, higher, stronger? Don’t go around this fact. Tell her about how smart she is.

11. Respect personal space and personal time

Despite the fact that you are in a relationship, you most likely have not merged into one two-headed monster. You, as well as before remain two different people who need to maintain their own individuality.

12. Do not criticize

Couples who are interested in continuing the relationship, discuss their problems, seek their solutions, and not accuse each other of all mortal sins.

13. Compliment

A simple and effective way to demonstrate how highly you appreciate it.

14. Don’t forget to say «thank you»

Even the most ordinary things like soup, deserve to be mentioned with gratitude.

15. Admit you were wrong

If she really cares about you.

16. Remember about romance

Even if you are together a hell of a lot of years, don’t forget to refresh your relationship.

17. Respect her friends

Even if you don’t like them, don’t let yourself offensive words in their address.

18. Any tender

This may sound very melodramatic, but women just melt with tenderness. As well as romantic gestures, many years later, after the first date, and tenderness will not allow her to forget about that in your relationship there is something besides borscht and sex on weekends.

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