Hans Rudolf Giger is a crazy artist.


A bro watched Ridley Scott’s «Alien». Well, at least remember exactly what xenomorph, in fact, is very Strange. The actual image of a very strange alien life form was included in almost all lists of the best monsters in the entire existence of the industry of cinema. What is the secret? And the secret is that the monster in the film was made under the guidance of the extremely talented but extremely questionable in terms of mental health of the Swiss artist Hans Rudolf Giger.

Hell, just look at his work!! This dude is just strange, and even a very talented and strange. Despite the blatant problems in the psyche, Giger remains a cult artist for many, many years.


As he did this happened? Likely the reason that daddy little Rudy (who, incidentally, was a pharmacist) gave little Hans in early childhood… a real human skull. Since that time, the Ore started weird. However, even then he was fond of mythology and the occult.

More than anything, little Rudy was interested in… girls. In fact, some of the haters Giger think he deeply hates women that is fundamentally wrong: the master of horror ladies adored and idolized. Despite the fact that Giger took a lot of wives (and one even in another world), he maintained friendly relations (except the one that departed to the other world, of course).


Drew Giger childhood, he studied anatomy, so that his work (despite the obvious fantastic component) are strikingly realistic. His first work, which received the specific name «Atomkinder» («Atomic children») was published in 1959, when Giger was 19 years old. In the future, it repeatedly printed in counter-cultural magazines were popular, but in very narrow circles. Until… until he released an album of posters, which was named in honor of the fictional books found in the books of HP Lovecraft, «Necronomicon». Then to Gigaro and came to fame because he was noticed by Director Ridley Scott, who invited the artist to make all the monsters in the movie «Alien». Giger in what does not deny, and then that Scott met with an important problem: almost all the pictures of Redheads wore a… the presence of male genitals and ( often) women’s charms and bodies. After some minor changes Scott famous xenomorph ceased to recall so clearly… you know what.


The theme Pinoso and feminine charms goes through the work of H. R. Giger red line. The old man Freud did not say anything to need so everything is clear. However, Hans never hid that loves to masturbate. Honest man!


In addition to pronounced sexual organs in the work of H. R. Giger there is a place for drugs. Knowledgeable people say that periods of creativity of Hans can be traced when he used these or other substances. Most often it is the amphetamine. However, now Giger not use — not solidly somehow and no one recommends: he’s in my head is terrible, and the «foolishness» is even worse.


In the works of H. R. Giger is dominated by green, black, metallic and brown shades. In fact, Giger is in some ways considered the founder of the cyberpunk genre of science fiction. A large number of different flesh and metal combine in the paintings of H. R. Giger in various proportions, all this is abundantly seasoned with a perverted mind, sex organs and all that jazz. It’s terrific and talented. Giger actively uses in her works a device called the airbrush is a device that sprays paint on the drawings thin layer, giving them a matte finish. In many of his works (for example, in the drawings for album covers for various rock bands) Giger uses interesting techniques of applying paint directly on the photo, giving the image more realism. And no photoshop

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