Handbook of the warrior for true manhood


Not so long ago men were born to be warriors and had no other obligations in addition to maintaining the code of the warrior and transfer it to their offspring. Only in the last 500 years people have forgotten this way of life and replaced it with complacency, which apparently satisfy the convenience of the new world. The time elapsed was the easiest part of a long human existence, meaning that the instinct of a warrior is still completely alive and waiting to Wake up in the lives of all men.

The warrior led his own survival instinct and fear of death. This fear made it hard to continue and constantly improve themselves. In the end, survival of the fittest and most livable! Without this fundamental understanding of the impermanence of life and the obligation to reach the peak of perfection, we become satisfied and lose motivation, a purpose in life. If it is the assertion that nothing defines courage more than some aim, which was inspired by the man who lives with quiet confidence and interest in life, the lessons that we need to get into warriors of the past, move us on the path to maturity.

In most men the instinct of a warrior is gone, and there after some event that changed life. For many it was a transition into some difficult situation that has developed under the influence of life circumstances, to overcome the demand of the spirit of a warrior. For Teddy Roosevelt it was his childhood illness that gave him his first mountain to conquer and the first taste of success. For Armstrong it was his battle with cancer, which gave him the power to achieve unprecedented success. For Martin Luther king Jr. was a racist, a separate peace, in which he was born and which forced him to become a strong person and to fight for civil rights.

It is through the understanding of the following ideas you can also achieve true warrior status.

Cope with your body. Although most people associate the concept of being a warrior with fighting and hunting, but these studies simply reflect the most basic principles, which are expressed in the power of the warrior. This is mastering your intention and strength to develop the discipline and control over every aspect of your life, which distinguishes the warrior from the common man. The first conquest for any man should be the development of one’s own body. For a warrior, it was a necessity of survival due to the extreme physical demands put upon it. Today’s man needs to fight for this goal for several reasons. The cause and effect of hard work and muscle growth is a microcosm of a bigger picture of life in which hard work is the only catalyst for success. Another important reason to improve your body there is a long list of physical benefits such as hormonal balance, mental clarity and a General feeling of well-being, which unites everything to improve your life physically, mentally and spiritually.

Use death as your guide. We can all die at any moment. This can happen today, tomorrow or next week. You can go and visit his dying friend in the hospital, and then you get hit by a bus the next day. If this was the overall perspective of any of today’s men, do you think we sat around watching cable TV and spending our time worrying about how to purchase a new piece of consumer electronics? But no! We would come out and would start to do that thing we always wanted to do (our goal), not wasting any of our time on petty, meaningless things. In the end, there is no better teacher in the management of time, than having death knocking at your door.

Select the path with the heart. All paths are the same. They do not lead absolutely nowhere. At the end of your life you’ll be in the same situation, except you, no one will be able to look back with regret or with pleasure to see the choice was made. This is the way, which is important, but is not an assignment. Better to have followed the path in your life that brought you happiness in the moment than to follow a path that promises happiness in your destination. Use death as a guide, because it will bring a great change in the level of your presence and will naturally lead you to living in the moment and choose the right path. The warrior who chooses his highest query to achieve this great success should continue to increase the chance of survival with just his pedigree.

Fight every battle as though it were your last. If you use death as your guide and to live in the moment, then you will naturally lead every battle in his life, as if that fateful moment where you can put all the developed over the years. When you have this mindset, you naturally put a lot of effort in everything and your opportunities for success are significantly increased. This is the type of work we’ve come to expect from our great leaders and role models. Why do we need to extend this understanding of greatness? It is through this understanding you’ll live, using the potential full power, increasing the likelihood of becoming the person to turn to for inspiration.

Through the practical implementation of these ideas in your daily life you will begin to see changes in the results of your own purposes and events. You will also get leadership skills, as machinate to embody the very essence of why every man secretly aspires to become. You switch from being a victim of circumstances, to be the owner’s intentions. Living powerfully and confidently, you will begin to show the qualities that will transform you from a weak man into a warrior.

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