Handbook nonfree guy: relationship rules

Rules in relationships is normal. Competent rules help to avoid many conflicts that occur in a vacuum.

Before making a claim, analyze it

As soon as you start to feel clearly pain in the arse and want to make something there is his girlfriend, ask yourself if it’s worth doing. In most cases, your claims do not belong to her — it’s just a projection of your concern something else. Should vent her anger or resentment against oneself or tube? This shit is like camouflage.

Time alone

You both need to rest and recharge your internal batteries: even 15-minute break can fix. If you do not come off from each other, you can spend time together focused only on each other and not paying attention to the rest of the world.

The TV turn on only after dinner

A dinner with the TV and continue to watch it after a meal — so they have no time to even properly talk to each other! Sad story. So you better go ahead and eat without accompaniment, turn on the television after eating.

All the important conversations — in person

Or, at least, on the phone, if you stand up to the personal meeting does not. This decreases the probability of misinterpretation and double-digit millionselling phrases (intonation and, if necessary, the explanation is what is lacking when we communicate in Skype or SMS). Moreover, the personal contact will help to show more respect to each other and not to lose sight of the fact that you are now talking to each other, not mortal enemies. Moreover, if a serious conversation, it is easier to do holding hands in order not to feel alienation from each other. In short, very sensible advice.

Take a shower together

You’re so busy that you have so little time, and this is an additional opportunity to be alone and not be distracted from each other.

Take every opportunity to cuddle

The physical manifestation of feelings cannot be overstated. It is very important in a relationship. In our age, we’re distracted from each other, millions of things and things vying for your attention and trying to prove that they are more important than our loved ones. If a friend hugs you, give a second to enjoy this moment. Go to bed for some 15 minutes early so an extra hour to spend on enjoyable activities. Best end of day, among other things.

Don’t wait for New year to make her a gift

If you see a thing that will remind you of her, give her this. If you have the impulse to cook something for her — and prepare! Never, never resist the spontaneous impulse of generosity. So the holidays are going to happen in your house more often.

Always something to change

Let’s say Sunday morning you always lying in bed until lunch time. And this Sunday go for a run! On Friday evening you always go to the pub across the road and drink there — and you will buy the ingredients for cocktails, stay at home and do everything yourself! Alternately, plan an unusual date. So you will never get bored together.

Mutual respect

No respect — nothing. Often, people neglect each other and seemed to forget about the presence of each other, creating next to its second half such that ashamed to do even close to the best friend. The consequences can be dire. Next to it you can’t look the beach, live like a freak, to do bad things — no, no and no again.

To look at each other before going to sleep

At the end of a long and hectic day and want to hit the hay and faster to snoring — and so nobody touched it. I know he is. You will only mark a few seconds and look her in the eyes — really look. Brings.

To warn of a bad mood

Very nice, newly meaningful rule. As soon as one of you begins to notice in herself the slightest signs of irritation, tension, anxiety and bad mood, he should immediately inform it to another. Why? Then, in order not to wait until the emerging depression will cause a quarrel, and it will certainly cause, you can be sure. Warned is in our case not armed, and sheltered in a safe place and minding my own business, until the storm to pass. Works great!

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