Hamster rose from the dead


Unpleasant to realize that your animals are mortal, especially frustrating to realize that they are suddenly mortal.

Once an ordinary American family lady Lisa Smith found on the morning of your pet hamster, which was cold, lifeless and lay quietly on the bottom of the cage legs up. Shaped the body, in one word. Well, Lisa and her boyfriend not the vets — not moving a hamster, so he has a solid reason. So you put it in a box and buried it in the garden at a decent depth so the cat is not found.

But there it was. The next day the hamster was found in the trash that crawls in search of food. It is obvious that the resurrection takes a lot of energy and needs to eat.

Not surprising — the hamsters well digging, and our hero dug a path to the top, as the heroine of uma Thurman in «Kill bill».

Family passion, how happy and revived the hamster, which, apparently, actually has been in hibernation, now lives as before. Only now his name is Jesus.

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