Hackneyed phrases, which is not a word of truth

clicheNext time who’s gonna feed you another dose of penny wisdom, remember that we now describe. Down with stereotypes, prejudices and popular psychology, is given a new, untainted by the prejudice of consciousness!

Money can’t buy happiness

The person who coined this phrase, probably has no idea what it means to live from paycheck to paycheck. Of course, it is unlikely the mere presence of money elevates your mood, but their absence definitely engenders unhappiness. Without them it becomes difficult to «live life to the fullest» and to remember that «you only live once», because you have to ignore interesting concerts and to put aside the delicious food in the store, dutifully going into the office with the potatoes. To have somewhere to go with friends, we need money. To take a girl out on a date and give her even a little something, need the money. To go somewhere, we need money, even if you go to your hometown. Also free gifts are not made. If you can’t afford all this stuff, you, of course, is sad. Are you happy not themselves pieces of paper and digits on the account and what you can do with them. Without these papers you will definitely be unhappy.

As you sow, so shall you reap

Karma — a very controversial thing. Good people die, bad people live long and bathe in luxury, kids get cancer, parents bury their sons the world’s weight of injustice. Of course, it’s nice to think that one day you will give forty girls and endless cake because you did good things, but sensible people are buying it. Sometimes good happens to bad people, and shit things happen even to good men. There is hardly a balance. You’ll be disappointed if all his life will hold in anticipation of the reward for their good deeds or punishment for criminals. Shit happens sometimes for no apparent reason, but life goes on.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger

Only if you allow it to make you stronger. Mental institution and so clogged with the sick, drug addicts and alcoholics, the streets are still wandering homeless, although in the XXI century. Half of humanity is depressed, a huge number of people suffering from incurable diseases and their families — knowing that their people are terminally ill. If you give up, what don’t kill you, pull out from your spine. Only depends on you whether you’re going to prepare lemonade from lemons or a bite of tequila. Nothing will make you stronger, except myself.

Ignorance is bliss

Even if you don’t know about that, it does not cease to exist. Ignorance does not make things disappear. It only makes you less prepared, less informed and less wise at all. This applies to everything: politics, the betrayal of a friend, severe illness — so do what you want. Know better. Forewarned is forearmed. Who owns the information, owns the world. Knowledge helps you prepare. Secrets suck, happiness in any did not know. So to call someone uneducated — it’s downright insulting.

Will not give you more than you can handle

Tell that to the families of people who committed suicide. Sometimes your fate falls so that the bones will not collect. I guarantee it. You will be very much. You will not know what to do with myself. But will have to go further. We find ways to handle anything and understand that full control over the situation does not exist. And that’s fine. We are just people. We ask for the help of friends, family and doctors. We are moving forward. But to pretend you can handle anything that’d never happened is sheer hypocrisy. Sometimes everyone needs help, including you.

The early bird catches the worm

Sometimes. And sometimes it takes and does not give, reserving a tip for someone who hasn’t opened his eyes. I mean, I’m not trying to convince you your whole life to sleep till lunch — don’t sleep in any case — but don’t expect all your effort will be rewarded properly. Not always. Sad, but true.

You can achieve anything, if you just want

There in the hall fans of the movie «the Secret»? I appeal to you! One desire is not enough to get something. You’ll have to do something. For example, to work. Late at night, early in the morning to go to school, to practice — not just want. If you made a conscious decision and what he wanted, this does not mean that you will automatically get what they want. Sometimes you have to plow. Only for the reason that you love football, you’re not going to be a big shot football player. The dream have something to back it up.

Listen to your heart

Because of this pseudomodest people break up and forever fight with friends. Not so difficult for someone to fall in love is an uncontrollable feeling. But if it happened, your head should connect to the case and to guide the process. This is the main part. Foolish heart feelings are fleeting and changeable. Listening to one’s heart, you can’t build anything.

You need to be able to wait

Waiting is a passive attitude. If you want something, you have to go and take it myself. Don’t wait until you meet the love of your life in the store. Do not think that one day you will call and offer the job of your dreams. Patient waiting will not provide you any education, no increase, no loving family — nothing. If you want something, don’t wait. Take it and do it. The only exception is sex. Otherwise, it’s likely you’ll find the rapist and put him behind bars.

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