Hackers have destroyed all life in the World of Warcraft

In the world of online gaming is also not going smoothly, friend. Unknown hackers gained access to the credentials to the game master World of Warcraft and used «aura» kill allby destroying all of the characters in several areas.

Most dudes who are sitting tight for WOW, sure it’s not a coincidence, and the special attack was planned, because during the mass genocide of avatars of players Blizzard has not done any maintenance work and is not renewed.

Apparently, it all has to do with the recent penetration of the internal network of Blizzard, which was stolen usernames and passwords of some players. Also earlier, in August of this year, Blizzard admitted that some of its servers Battle.net was hacked and an unknown number of user accounts could be in good hands.

Chakeri snimili all works World of WarcraftHackers have destroyed all life in the World of Warcraft

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