Hackers: 10 vulnerable systems

Hackers and pirates, showered with a generous helping of romance. Now we don’t think that criminals are some kind of evil guys that steal from our credit card money. No, for the modern hacker dudes is first and foremost a fighter with the system, totalitarianism, and here’s a modern hero who will always be his. Well, this is the guy that is leaking private photos of various Hollywood celebrities.But let’s be realistic, man. The main power for a hacker is your money or any information that will help to empty your email account. The possibilities of modern cyber-criminals captured and afraid, but with the development of technology, the danger will grow like a snowball.

So, what all should fear?

1. Webcam

The web camera is great for hovering or video conversations with their friends living on the other side of the world. Everyone likes entertainment broadcast, and now a crash in the thing called «periscope». I hope, for you will not be opening the fact that your webcam can easily connect some freak. Such cases are numerous. Look at that little point at the top of the screen, maybe you have someone watching, no?

2. Satellites

Ever heard of a satellite network iridium? This thing started in 90-ies in order to ensure the transmission of voice data for phones, various sensors that are built into commercial aircraft and civilian vehicles. In Russia, this system also works. So, iridium has a poor security system that allows hackers to easily connect to the network and listen to all traffic that passes through it.


3. Traffic signals

Not sure how you have in the city, but we have traffic lights count down the time extremely slow, especially for pedestrians. If the street is empty, all move to red. Uncivilized, bad, but less consumption of time. But, anyway, the lights all look they are oriented. Now, the system itself is, of course, is controlled remotely and can be easily rigged. An emergency situation to call is very simple.

4. Home security systems

Home safety is paramount! Well, almost everything. Unfortunately, even if the alarm of your house is not connected to the Internet, potential thieves can use tools cybercriminal to get into your house undetected. Just like in a spy Thriller!


5. Power plant

If you love to dream about doomsday, think about the nuclear power plant. It is believed that the power system of the USA and Canada are highly vulnerable to serious attacks by hackers. It is difficult to think about what are our security for such serious objects.

6. Scanners at airports

Sore subject. Recently, we have seen that even the most popular airports in the world can’t provide adequate security to its customers. Take, for example, scanners. They have the major disadvantage that their imaging system can easily be broken than could take advantage of the terrorists.


7. Pacemakers

Not only they, but other implanted medical devices like insulin pumps. Many of these devices rely on the remote control, and that, of course, makes them easy targets for potential criminals.

8. Weapons

The weapons of the XXI century is very different from what it was even a few decades ago. The increasing importance of software, less is the human factor. Modern sniper rifles, equipped with special computers that make the arrow half of his work. So, this weapons gives you a greater advantage, but it also opens up new opportunities for hackers.


9. Air

Perhaps the pilots should not be read, but many experts believe that the current system of air traffic control is very vulnerable to external attacks. More specifically, there is a risk of occurrence about commands at the stage of communication between ground and pilot. This may bring down the plane off course.

10. Prison

The plot for some sci-Fi movie: in a security system fit an evil genius from hacking and releases cells with dangerous criminals of our time. Perhaps this movie was already a hundred times removed. Like the Russian prisons like thunderstorms will not be in the next 50 years, but the West possible. Too many computer systems embedded in them. The feds are certainly concerned about this fact, but it’s easier than handles to open the camera every time.

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