Habits, which you should give up

We are all human, and we all tend to make mistakes. This is normal — those who are less mistake we burnt on fires of Inquisition and nailed to crosses. Now times more humane, and the concept of normal has become more adequate and acceptable than a century ago. In order to become almost perfect, need to get rid of these bad habits.

The inability to get off the phone during a conversation

Stop.com.ua_24.10.2016_HaageZFhXKfm2There is nothing more disgusting than the source, looking at the phone while you pour out his heart, sharing the theory of the universe or ask for good advice. Doubly disgusting when that someone is yourself. Seems to realize the lameness of the situation and the abuse, but once again, sitting with friends in a bar, you first climb into the phone without a reason, just force of habit. You wonder what they’re saying, but for some reason hunting at this point to see how things are going with former classmates in instagram, and new memes on 4chan. You can’t do that, it insults the companions. Remember the Golden rule: in any conversation the phone if it were not required, must be in the pocket.

Talk only about yourself

People are correct to call such persons «magical princes», «selfish» and «selfish», but in the circles dominated by straight and severe as the nuclear fleet, the troops, they just say: «nobody cares how you’re doing. Shut up or I’ll fuck you». Especially should not to behave when meeting with people, so you do not wonder why they don’t answer your calls.

Excessive modesty

But much to modest, simultaneously belittling their dignity, also not worth it, otherwise there is a chance the rotten in the dark. The country must know its heroes. Just do not poke your achievements to someone in person — try to be quieter, shy and not to make unnecessary movements.

Persistent late

The eternal problem of the progressive youth living on the principle «who knew life, he is in no hurry». But when your coming, you have to wait for an hour when you’re late for a business meeting is very ugly. It puts in the mind of a potential business partner a checkmark in the column of cons. So try not to be late for no apparent reason.

Extra revelation on social networks…

People tend to share emotions with other people, it’s even turned into some need that is so great that people clog your unnecessary thoughts, reflections and soul cries all social networks. But for greater effect, attach your photo or beautiful music.

It is a pity that most of the users stumbled on this snotty shit, you start to regret that the author of the post even exists. So it is better not to put stories about how you felt the existential abyss, looking at the autumn leaf show better get their loved ones.

… and in live communication

Even easier to get or make a person feel awkward in real communication. Suffice it to recall the more intimate parts of the course of conversation, ranging from their physiological characteristics and ending with their favorite porn actress. And it confuses men more than women.

Splitting bills with friends

The moment when you ask the waiter for the check, always some exciting. To the last hope that somehow magically your share will get smaller, or what you will pay. But the real excitement begins when you share account and one of you the amount is much more. Start unnecessary movements, searching for the right bills, and the greedy — the realization that one could invest in less biting amount. And then you still have to be 50 or 100 rubles, like a little, but haughty-benevolent gesture with which they were reported (you have no bills less), leaves a bad feeling. Therefore always ask to be considered separately.

Constant complaints

Eternally dissatisfied and sullen people allocate a constant negativity around you, which eventually becomes a problem for others. Especially upsetting is that the happy complainers make them more miserable friends. So be careful, if you noticed that lately he began to complain more often.

Radical gossip

manygoodtips.com_24.10.2016_66al7VG3fO7BXDiscuss the person behind is always considered obscene, but we all somehow do not care. Another thing is that this «rumor of bones» very often turn aggressive, even more unpleasant act. In people it is called «grenoside», and if the victim knew what they talk about behind my back, 50% of the globe became hermits that don’t want to see other people. After all, it’s pretty gross stuff. You would have been nice if you said so? Though about you saying that.

Systematic dramatic

Everything in life is not so bad as it might seem at first glance, but the pathological desire to arouse sympathy and to show himself as a sort of Lermontov’s demon makes to dramatize the situation. Working so banal remark turns almost to dismissal, and abdominal cramps emanates a sepulchral cold of stomach cancer. So whether you simply fucking with time, you will still cease to believe, and when you are really bad — no one will answer with sympathy.

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