Habits which irritate bosses

crazy bossEveryone wants to make a good impression on the boss, especially if they are relatively new. When you enter into the professional world, you bring with them personal habits that may irritate your boss. If he doesn’t like you, it’s unlikely you will be promoted.

Life office one operates according to certain rules. It is constructed in accordance with various examples, systems, cycles to be more effective. In this atmosphere produced by certain habits. Remember that some things irritate leaders. These things better not to do that ever. What? Bosses hate it when you…

Do not take the initiative

He doesn’t want to have a helpless fool, which is every minute to say, what to do. It’s a waste of time, it’s a waste of effort, and in the end he will be disappointed in your ability. If you’re passive, you’re lazy and lazy is useless.

Don’t wait till you detail explanation of what to do. With your boss usedona larger pleasure to see you for the initiative. When you’re unmotivated, you send a message to his boss the message that you’re not interested. Your boss probably spends a lot of time and effort to this work, so the last thing he wants to see and hear — is the lack of interest of their subordinates.

Very proactive

On the other hand, do not too zealous. The reason doesn’t matter: ambition, motivation, energy or banal desire to please bosses hate this habit.

Be careful not to do it even more necessary: it’s not necessary. Instead work for you, and create the impression that you’re a hardworking and creative person, it shows you as an inefficient worker. Why draw additional graphics research, if it is possible to perform other, more pressing work?

Additional dangers of excessive initiatives is disrespectful to the office hierarchy. When you’re ready for anything, there is a possibility that somebody comes on the heels.

Looking for excuses

This is one of the most annoying habits that don’t like bosses. If you’re constantly making excuses, it means you want to avoid responsibility, you always want to be in a comfortable position and hide behind someone else’s back.

«I didn’t do it, because I stood in traffic». Even if this was true, instead of these words, your boss hears, «It’s not my fault, the tube should be responsible for this». Your boss will pay less attention to the meaning of your words and more to complement them their opinion on this matter.

You should understand the difference between an apology and an explanation. An excuse created to show that you are not to blame, and explanation in order to clarify the real situation. Irrelevant detail is an integral part of the patter, the details is just confusing: they are not focused on a significant aspect of the case in which you were wrong. When you point out their own mistake, recognizing it and making steps to improve it, this is the only thing that bothers your boss and this is the only thing that, in General, need to worry him.

And finally, resist the desire for something to lie about force majeure reasons. It may seem a good solution, but now you have to cope not only with work but also with lies.


Do not whine and complain. No, first and foremost, your boss is not interested in your complaints. This habit boss absolutely hates.

Yes, your boss works at the company longer. Yes, he earns more. But that doesn’t make him happier. The work becomes easier. It too has life, and he knows what your job unpleasant — he doesn’t need reminders. Better stay away from phrases from the «that sucks» or «This man should’ve been here an hour ago.»

Before you open your mouth, think about the difference between criticism and complaints. The complaint is personal to complain. Criticism is serious business, because it needs to be constructive: criticism to fix something. If you comment that you plan to release, not aimed at solving the problem, if it is trite, if it does not apply to the work, save it for your lunch break, your favorite blozhik or girlfriend.

Ask too many questions

Of course, there is nothing wrong to ask questions, especially if you’re trying to clarify tasks before starting its execution. In fact, ask questions — it means showing a genuine interest. However, if you ask too many questions, especially stupid, you’re going to irritate his boss.

To begin with, just spend time and show that you’re incompetent. And they also reflect your intelligence and your desire to reduce your own responsibility. You will be treated accordingly. Managers will think twice before charging you a serious job, remembering that you need a babysitter. The boss appreciates those who can learn.

You probably noticed that all of the habits bosses hate, and take away his time and energy. The chief and the already busy, it is enough their Affairs. If you squander it once, he’ll remember that.

You will see that some people, even the veterans office, continue to do things that don’t like the boss. Don’t be surprised if these are the same people who complain that the company has no career, what the authorities does not encourage its employees, and the like.

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