Habits that you can throw for a friend

manygoodtips.com_21.02.2014_dQgvgx5fkMiStJoint life is not only joy, but also daily work. Anyone who is even briefly lived with your other half can tell the car is different stories about how they fought on home soil: who should wash the dishes, who washed her yesterday, and who do not have enough identity to carry the mug from the computer Desk. Trivia is no trivia. They give us a reason to explode and to name the elephant a lot of problems, which lies dormant-not we at heart and waiting for the right moment. However, she starts to lie there, again, the fault of the manifold details. Today we thought, and verdict: what habits can be painless for you to stop, not to get under her skin. I should probably create such a list for women would be useful.

Cut nails on the carpet

And on the floor, table and any other place where they may be forgotten, to drop and lose. From now on, our choice is a balcony, open window and a bathtub. Why is it important? My explanation is the simplest, easier is impossible to imagine. Did you ever run across other people’s nails? Imagine: sit down on the sofa, and lies there peacefully, a bunch of alien DNA, because it simply forgot to remove. Nice? And it’s almost like stepping in a dog pile on the street! So obstrigli nails where they will be doomed to obscurity and extinction. A lot of credit to perpetuate them in his apartment.

To sleep next to the wall

Our cultural paradigm is forever defined in our minds the priority seats near the wall. This is the VIP area for any bed, if she’s leaning against the wall. To the wall put the kids to bed and other privileged persons, and at the wall are not known to bite the top. I know you’re there, too, but woman are worthy of the privileges. Let her go to the wall and let him sleep, you enjoy your generosity and the fact that the knees do not abut. All have their advantages.

Wait for it…

To sit and by all means try to distract yourself from anxious thoughts: dinner is not ready, socks stick to the floor, dirty underwear spreading with the allotted seat and greedily captures the surrounding areas, and clean underwear emblazoned on the seat of the unconquered Everest. You look at these things, you warm my heart, but you stubbornly wait until she will pay attention to it and correct the situation with his hands. Why? Why do you have to sit and wait? Status quo the sole solver of domestic problems? By definition, you’re not folding your Laundry? Oh, there is nothing to talk about.

To sit on the toilet with your tablet for hours

Toilet latrine, a games room, know it all men. To go to the toilet without concomitant entertaining devices — it is not the king. In the nineties this role successfully fulfilled books and magazines, then they changed phones, and now came the era of tablets. Go to the toilet not shit, and get to the next level of the game to set a new record or chat Vkontakte — why come off? Dude, it’s okay, I myself do so, but don’t get carried away: the toilet in the house only, and sometimes even combined with a bathroom. Besides, it’s not the most hygienic way to spend free time.

Leave the clothes where we had to remove it

Went home, removed shoes went. As they stand, is none of your business — who the hell cares? Meanwhile, one of them rests in one corner of the hallway, and the other, sole upwards, in the other. Took off my sweater and jeans laid on the sofa. Took off his socks, threw on the floor. And went to their home — for example, to sit on the toilet. Then you discover all in their rightful places: in the wardrobe, on the door Mat or in the dirty linen — I guess it gets there by itself.

Not by itself. A woman walks over and picks you trinkets like you’re twenty-two, and, say, two. Do you think she then begins to take you seriously?

«Let’s buy something interesting»

Means for washing dishes, buckwheat, pasta, butter and eggs — it’s too boring. Why would she be all of these completely devoid of personality and fun purchase? Who needs them? That is if you buy chips and frozen nuggets, and then they fry — Yes. Just for what? And, so, sunflower oil is useful.

In General, you understand: since the words «necessary» and «boring» go hand in hand. All those boring purchase you is vital, so make your face more fun when you walk with her to the supermarket. Otherwise you will be impossible to distinguish from tortured and scolded the men with lists in their hands in despair dragged through the supermarket and randomly met friends complain that their «sent wife.» Hmm, so sent so sent.

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