Habits that will help you to cheat death

Work.com.ua_6.09.2016_CUWN5U4tGqfeKTo die young is easier than you think, and you try to live to be a hundred. Of course, with age, the life is losing its charm, especially when you fall a rectum joint pain and torture, apparently you’re not attractive, and the erection was only painfully pleasant memories. Although, if you follow them, and to receive from life pleasure, all of your physical diseases are trifles, because there is in life something more.

To die terrible, much worse than live. If you’ve lived your life normally, your longevity will be good to all family. Old age is the time to begin to live, and to live to old age, it is necessary to pay attention to this article and reel in not yet covered with a crust of insanity the brain all the tips. Get them in the habit, and then you can easily save yourself for a gift for the 90th anniversary (we recommend «Aston Martin»).

Enjoy your coffee

In his time people ate the bitter slurry and divided into two camps: those who believe coffee is the basis of human existence, a cure for depression and sleepiness, joy, peace, kiss of angels, black gold, and those who are screaming and foaming at the mouth about the fact that caffeine is a drug,» and from the black liquid, even if it is decaf, teeth and heart are deteriorating.

If you belong to the first camp, you can with peace of mind to spit all cogeneration in the eye. But only if you consume coffee, not God knows as is made soluble, but still no caffeine.

Poradi.yak.ua_6.09.2016_5eN5nLYvi6HAgCoffee is a natural source of micronutrients with minimal calories. So, do not feel guilty for their coffee preferences. Recently, scientists came to the conclusion that contrary to popular belief, coffee is still good for the heart and provoke the development of cancer, quite the contrary. So all the insults and resentment had to take back. And we, the coffee people, there is only maliciously rejoice and to look down on those who beliefs are not allowed in the morning to cheer up the nectar of the Gods. Perhaps, they are not going to say that our passion is still life and we will continue.

Don’t let stress drive yourself crazy

Life is rich, full-bodied stress source of apathy and troubles in life. As a result, the world grimly tread the millions of people with chronic stress. Treading water and do not suspect that have a high risk of obesity, inflammation and mental illnesses.

A recent study at the Harvard Institute, proved that the better a person copes with stress, the longer he lives. You can smoke, drink, your life is can be very bad, but if you firmly and without problems tolerate the blows of fate, the chance to walk on his 75th birthday, is increasing dramatically. Although some anxiety and distress, if you were close friends with alcohol.

Nevertheless, learn to cope with stress, and nerve cells will not be enough. Well, even if you survive, where’s the fun if your brain was broken from the constant tension and stress?

Don’t let your brain wither without inform

Work.com.ua_6.09.2016_u1nLt3axfv7XHInstead of looking at stupid tuberov better be something smart to read. The book, for example, or manygoodtips.com. After all, we don’t just say it, reading really prolongs life.

Numerous studies prove and show that educated people with red and blue diplomas live longer than those who have had two-class parish, and the corridor.

Stimulate the brain with a steady stream of new knowledge is vital. In any case, the risk of developing Alzheimer’s is reduced to almost zero.

Of course, you can watch educational shows, if so then please most importantly don’t stop self-development. But remember, nobody is forcing you. Can watch Ivanka and «From Tomboy to lady», and happily die young.

Sleep in moderation

If you live in accordance with the philosophy of «in the morgue sleep», then hasten to please, very soon you will be eternal rest. However, excessive stay in power Morpheus also adversely affects the health in the long term. Find the optimal number in the range of 7-9 hours of sleep a day, and life will grant you longevity.

The right to sleep? In adequate sleeping less chronic disease, lower risk of fat to the borders of the Fat fuck from «Austin powers» and as a result, old age is not going to turn you into a heavy burden.

Get your butt off the couch

To live long enough to perform daily one exercise.

The lifting ass off the couch, with a subsequent transition to a workout.


Much has been said about the fact that physical exercise prolong life, strengthen blood vessels, circulation and heart. In addition, the amount of fat around the waist is dramatically reduced.

There is no need to keep saying something on this subject, except to say that a lot of shit that will happily kill you. Including a passive lifestyle. Just move 150 minutes a week, make it a regular habit, and many problems will be avoided.

Watch your weight

Obesity raises the risk of such legendary diseases like diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. So, losing a few pounds will return to you for several years. It is important not to become anorexia. In fact, it is better to have a couple of extra pounds than to suffer from exhaustion.

Don’t act the rock star with booze and drugs

manygoodtips.com_6.09.2016_Y0rTWeYQirxIHIt is obvious that the use of spice and hard drugs doesn’t turn you into a sex and solar empowerment by, but rather make you another star peredozirovka front.

Just above we wrote that alcohol and tobacco are better stress. So it is true, but, unfortunately, the Ministry of health rights, their excessive use is not beneficial.

During your large-scale 75-year-old experiment to identify causes of death at Harvard University, researchers found that alcoholism was the most frequent factor for early mortality among members, often alcohol consumption (not to be confused with alcoholism) can affect lifespan. Those who drink rarely adequately and moderately live much longer. And those who are moderately widening… there are none. Why do you want hard drugs, if there are so many reasons for joy! For example working from 9 to 6! And soon November, all is gray, dirty, gloomy, and you realize how good life is without drugs.

Eat the damn vegetables!

It’s time to grow up and realize that macaroni and cheese out of the box — it’s not a real dinner. The more varied your diet, the more fruits and vegetables, the more chances to live longer. Do not deprive yourself of healthy food. In General, why people eat so few vegetables, they are delicious? Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes — because you can eat them without anything! And your pepperoni, too frequent use causes the same harm as cigarettes. So everything should be in moderation.

The Mediterranean diet, which focuses mainly on fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, fish and meat, guaranteed to raise your shelf life. It is not surprising that the Greeks, Portuguese, Spaniards and Maltese to live so long.

Don’t smoke, you know how bad that is


It is not surprising that the ordinary smokers do not live as long as time left. An embolism, carcinogens provoke cancer — is it really necessary to repeat in the one hundred and fifth times? You know it, your parents know that future generations know it, too. All you need is to just stop Smoking.

Communicate with people

The key to a long and happy life lies not only in sports and healthy eating, but in active social life. People who have a large circle of friends live longer than those who are isolated. Another reason to drop all your obligations and hang out with friends. Only this time, not of drunkenness and fun, and solely in the interests of their own health.

And before you start calling all their friends (even those who had not talked for 15 years), and call them in bars, theatres, museums and on the street, pay attention to what kind of thing — people who live in a happy marriage live longer than those who are divorced or lived their lives in unhappy relationships. And anyway, married men usually live longer, if the wife doesn’t suck all the blood. And it is not clear what it is: in the constant care of each other, in love (as she is known, works wonders), anyway, the two of us and the happiness to live better.

What we draw from this conclusion? Don’t shut me out and don’t rush to marry the first counter lady with nice thighs, even if you meet the six months.

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