Habits that scare girls

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2014_gg8qvlVqxU5tSThe girl may be scared, especially not trying. Maybe you’re already doing the actions that deprived her of peace of mind. Today, you will know what girl to do.

1. To stare at her without blinking

Do not think that sunglasses cover your annoying opinion. The girl always able to tell when a guy looks at her, and when not, attempt to disguise the curiosity will only strengthen your reputation as a weird guy. She declassify your neck position and expression open mouth. So eyes front and shut your mouth. Girls love attention, but hate to feel like animals in a zoo.

This behavior will not only minimize your chances, but will hurt your friends who are looking to find a girlfriend. No girl wants to talk with a guy who drives a friendship with the gawking dude. The other girls also feel embarrassed, and you will only have to flee in shame.

Act like you’ve seen it a lot. Before you know it, she will begin to tell you how I spent the last vacation in Abkhazia, until then, let your eyes wandering and not stop it. There are a lot of interesting! So you’ll keep her in sight, but it does not seem strange.

2. To give place to start a conversation

Bad move — be gentlemanly quality, only to then hang over her and doom to talk with the benefactor. Better to be antigentile, watching her suffering and agony. The same goes for bars: giving her your table, you are left without a seat and continue to stand next to her and her friends, preventing them to have fun on your maiden lad and obliging to maintain a conversation with you.

It’s too cheap trick. At first glance, this behavior of a knight, but women are perfectly distinguished knights and losers. If you have got a story, how you gave way, and thus met a girl, welcome to the comments.

3. To pay for all

The story of the place is repeated in this paragraph. From the friend would be very superficial to accept willingness to overspend for the conduct of a gentleman, and you naively believe that you can buy favor with money. Yes, girls love when they pay, they pay attention to the generosity and willingness to buy them drinks at the bar etc. But they don’t like it when you run across the store to the cashier to pay for her soda and chewing gum. All of us have not 13, and any girl can afford to pay for «Dirol». If you’re going to play the role of daddy, it will not lead you to him in bed — not even hope. On the contrary: this role ensures that the penis will remain in your pants all the time while she’s with you.

Remember: you have to pay for drinks, ordering in cafes and restaurants, movie tickets and taxi. Do not grab for the purse every time she needed something. This is the naked posturing and excessive pedantry.

4. To hug her neck

This is a very controversial gesture to use his little girl is just your friend and only as a joke. If you’re serious hug her neck, shifting her entire weight of the body, look at yourself in the mirror. A good chance that you’re dressed in a tracksuit with a flea market, and on the lip you have the husk of the seeds. The description differs from a reality? Nothing, so it looks like your inner world.

Just don’t hug her on the neck. Embrace the shoulders or waist.

5. To help her dry off

Romantic comedies are not to be trusted. That moment when she spills on herself coffee, alcohol or juice, is not suitable to you quickly jumped up and began to wipe it with napkins — employment is as meaningless and futile. Still the paper will not save her dress, but you will find a carefully hidden desire to touch her more, more! Spilled beer on your dress will not force her to leave the party and leave you alone. No shame.

6. Talking about other women

It’s not that scary, but it certainly spoils the impression about you. Talk about all the women in the world should not happen in the first night we met. Talking about mother, sister, ex-girlfriend and the girl that you have «just sex», leave for later or not start — at least about the last two for sure.

7. To expect that something will happen

The first and main mistake any man — it is the expectation that everything will go as he planned. However, the sad reality that Santa Claus does not exist, and when you get older, your life does not consist entirely of chocolate and video games. We can’t have everything you want.

Of course, you should be confident: confidence is your main weapon. Thus it is necessary to control myself and not to be too persistent, believing that sex belongs to you right here and now. Every good thing requires effort.

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