Habits that ruin relationships

Zaradi.com.ua_5.06.2014_MVpTeZrCKhYKJIt is no secret that some of the little things get the better of serious problems, especially if these little things are repeated from day to day. Don’t underestimate the power of bad habits in a relationship, they can seriously harm your pair. Read our text and eliminate bad habits until you’ve gone too far.

1. You «saw» it

Let’s see the truth: addiction to cut — a trait not only for women. Shockingly many guys affected by this ailment. Of course, the relationship you as well as she, have the right to show their emotions and to initiate discussion of your concerns. But do not confuse the conversation with whining on a given topic unilaterally. She is not obliged to listen to the claims expressed in this form, because the form itself is disrespectful to her.

2. You don’t care about yourself

This includes maintaining good physical shape, health care, and control of their emotional state. Nothing is more obvious: when you’re good, you’re good in relationships. Conversely, if you feel bad (in all senses), you risk becoming a whiner or worse.

3. You listen with half an ear

Habit to pretend to listen to, definitely can be read as a lack of respect and interest. Although, maybe she really is not interesting to you as a person? Think about it at leisure.

4. You run away from problems

This habit characterizes you as a young idiot. I’m sorry, but how else to explain such behavior impossible. A relationship without problems do not happen. And if you do care about the person you are now, and do you intend to continue this relationship, without discussing the problems is not enough.

5. You complain about it to a third party

Another model «nemoricola» behavior. It is your and only your relationship and the outside part for them is harmful and offensive.

6. You check her loyalty

It is impossible to perceive the relationship as a testing ground for all sorts of social experiments. Concentrate on to be more loyal to her and not to test her patience to the test.

7. You collect negative

It is not necessary to pretend that everything is fine and you agree with her, when in fact it is not. Unexpressed emotions tend to accumulate. Better to voice their objections now, in a calm and polite manner, than to wait for the time when you «explode» and a scandal.

8. You score»

Counting who and how many times have vacuumed in the past month, cook dinner or said a compliment to another — a feature more characteristic of the commercial relationship. When it comes to the life of a couple, keeping this account just pointless.

9. Do you like to play in silence

Another form of escapism that is as unproductive as any other ways to avoid the unpleasant side of the relationship.

10. You make a public scene

Another feature, which, although considered to be traditionally female, however, also characteristic of the stronger sex. Such intemperance in public may greatly hurt it, because nobody (except, perhaps, the participants «Houses-2») don’t want their relationship turned into a show.

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