Habits that make work unbearable

Order.com.ua_6.06.2014_B43z3HZSNMKO6Approximately 70% of people are dissatisfied with their work. If you’re one of those «lucky» before you leave, slamming the door, ask yourself: is your job bad as you think? Maybe you’ll make working life unbearable?

1. You’re a man of sentiment

And it may have a negative impact on your work. Man, too prone to mood swings, is a creature slaborazvitym, and therefore unreliable. Colleagues and business partners will cease to trust you if you don’t learn to rein in his changeable mood. Don’t complicate your life — keep personal feelings away from the job.

2. You nihilists

It seems that the indifference to what you do, what helps you cope with large loads, however, with rare exceptions, all is not so simple. Without a sincere interest in his job is boring. In addition, the quality of the result of your efforts decreases. Enthusiasm is the key to a positive perception of their work.

3. You perceive everything in a negative way

Fairly obvious point about which everybody forgets: your mood depends on you. Stop saying how you’re pissed off, you hate your job, here is a stupid guide, and perhaps after a while you find that it’s not so bad.

4. You’re lazy

For this reason, part of your job falls on the shoulders of colleagues that sooner or later will provoke a conflict and lack of cooperation with you.

5. Are you often late

The systematic delay saying that you are not able to properly allocate their time. Inability to manage time significantly reduces the efficiency and makes you work even more than necessary.

6. You’re cynical

A healthy dose of cynicism never hurt anyone. Just don’t become a complete cynic, even if you have a large stock of negative experiences. Remember that a cynical attitude, as well as indifferent, kills enthusiasm, and hence the desire to work. Besides, your anger is unlikely to help you win the favor of colleagues.

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