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habits like bosses

As we already wrote about the habits that bosses hate. They concerned a variety of initiatives, excuses and irrelevant complaints. In a nutshell, it is a habit that should be avoided to avoid wasting time of your boss and not drain it to waste.

Now it’s time for a new post about the habits that bosses, on the contrary, encourages his subordinates. You will notice that they too have their own consequences: they save time the chief and his energy. As a result, you and he become more competent and generally better feel.

It is easy to understand why they like these habits. Now you will understand why. So, bosses love it when…

You show responsibility

Your boss much more than you think, and doesn’t like even the thought of having to check, have you done your work on time. He is busy with his business and he has his own boss to whom he answers for himself and for you. When you are within the timeframe and results of your work are visible when you make a contribution to the development of your company work efficiently and without attracting negative attention, he is pleased with you.

Responsibility also means that you’re a real man and can take responsibility for failures, and to announce their success. It’s a habit, the reverse is the one that bosses hate when you’re making excuses. The chief realizes that some situations cannot be controlled, but the difference is how you react to these situations. Responsible people do not make excuses — period. Rather, they are looking for, what you need to do to remedy the situation. In General, like the authorities responsible.

You are well prepared

The Roman playwright Seneca the Younger is credited with the Maxim that success is the result of preparation. This is a very valuable idea, deserve us to at least think about it.

What it means and how it can be applied? When you planned to participate in the meeting, even in large (e.g. in conferences), though small (a meeting with the boss one on one), you have to be there armed, knowing as much information as possible, though appropriate. What do we understand by this word? It should match the theme of the meeting, your position, company and industry in General. Boss loves all kinds of habits, and if he doesn’t need to hold your hand and explain new concepts and strategies because you keep up with all the new, he’ll make you his pet.

Bosses appreciate employees who are well-prepared, for many reasons: it shows their enthusiasm, motivation and confidence — three factors that play a huge role in moving up the career ladder.

You work with the mind

The working day lasts eight hours, and the boss expects that you will have time to do during this time as much as possible. Efficiency is the most important quality of all the many habits that bosses love. You will get a huge advantage over all other workers, if you learn to use your time to the maximum. Do good work, even if it takes time.

If you work late, it does not mean that your boss will certainly think you’re a lot of work. In fact, this means that during working hours, you are working inefficiently. If you need extra time to do the job, you will create a better impression if you come early.

You always know

To be aware of the news, technologies and new methods is always an advantage, and in today’s busy world, this advantage twice. Subscribe to newsletters of your industry, the paper, always keep an eye out, not got any refresher courses. Not all professions require regular examinations of aptitude, the majority did not require anything because easily become obsolete if you do not follow the technology.

Be aware of and habits that bosses love because it shows your motivation, intelligence, interest, and confidence. If you can offer up new and interesting ideas that can be applied by your company, if it will help your employer to cut costs, the boss will think clearly: «What I have done, I hired him!» and will pay you special attention.

They look good on your background

It’s a habit that can be achieved if to avoid all habits that annoy bosses, and have those that they like. But not only that.

Trying to make the boss look good on your background, do not get carried away: just don’t start licking his ass. Even for a good purpose-it will still be licking ass. No one likes hanging around you. No one likes them right from the first day of school, when a student had pushed him to the teacher. The authorities does not care how to look good in someone’s eyes: they couldn’t care less.

So resist the temptation to cave in for the sake of increasing. It will not bring you satisfaction, if you know what price was achieved your success. Be good and you will notice. That’s enough.

Second nature

It cannot be denied that these habits in the workplace will get you only benefits. But far more important than mechanically follow these instructions to learn how to successfully adapt to the situation around. This will be useful to you and outside the workplace.

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