Habits that are needed to get a grown dude

Zaradi.com.ua_14.10.2014_Kxx9I8s0NTvu1Your success depends on your conscious choices and healthy habits. manygoodtips.com made a small list of completely wrong models of behavior, avoiding of which, you if and will not suffer the Zen, it will be a little closer to understanding the essence of man.

1. Do not measure success with money

Held as a person, have a steel spine and brass balls, often say that measure their happiness with health and wholesomeness of their family, calm of inner peace and openness to the intellectual mind. Of course, to enjoy life much nicer and easier when your Bank balance is kept a certain amount of money, providing a comfortable existence. But a stack of rustling bills will not fill your soul the gaping hole of loneliness. Although, if possible, still worth a try.

2. Don’t start your day without a purpose or plan

To cease to mark out of the blue, constantly creating the appearance of employment, you must have clearly defined long-term and kratkosrochnye tasks. Including the plans for the next day. You should clearly understand what you need to do today and in what time frame to cope. Do not neglect the so-called «Golden time». This is the first hour after you Wake up, when everything you do, sets the overall tone of the painting the next day: a healthy Breakfast, good humor — and now, working life seem a little less labor.

3. Was not a goal of perfection

Perfectionists always satisfied, they have to constantly improve, bring to perfection, transforming her life into an endless race. Goals they failed to achieve unfulfilled dreams turn into a nightmare and cause severe depression. Of course, you need to strive for excellence, but it is not an end in itself, because he truly has no borders. And all of what you owe to himself, though not much, but better than yesterday.

4. Excluding pessimists and whiners from your life

Everything in this world consists of energy, of course, man is no exception. Surround yourself with whiners who always complain about life, you risk yourself to help them, unable to blink. Remember the saying that like attracts like, and make friends among the cheerful, creative and business people who will you inspire and motivate and who will be able to give you a nice kick if you stand on a slippery slope of samoloty and soul-searching.

5. Don’t dwell on failures

Faced with difficulties, remind yourself that you’ve come a long way to achieve what you have achieved. Count on a sober head cold, that you can do to resolve this negative situation, and if all the same you caught a failure, exhale and remember what lesson you have presented this unpleasant situation. You’re not an idiot to dance on the same rake. It should be understood that failure is an integral part of any growth, and you will fill a huge number of cones before you get to the long-awaited summit.

6. Don’t look at others

Intending some enterprise, carefully about it and came to the realization, don’t look at those who thinks your idea is crazy. Any difference from the common herd causes aggression, hostility and rejection. You in such ways. Everyone looks and sees, makes judgments, sitting in his belfry. Even if you do not agree to your friends and family, this does not affect the real situation. Stay true to yourself, your principles and goals. Until the very end.

7. No excuses

This is not a school. This is not your parent’s house, so cut that shit out. If you did wrong, roll up your sleeves yourself and wipe your own ass. It’s your life and only you are responsible for everything that happens in it. For every decision, important or not, you should report at least to yourself.

8. Don’t be jealous

There will always be those who are above you on a couple of goals ahead at a hundred paces. Consider the success of others as a powerful motivation to continue your journey.

9. Don’t take your loved ones for granted

Successful people agree that their work is important but not more important than relationships with those whom you love and who loves you. Sincere support, participation and friendly advice pulled from the marshes or hundreds of desperate heads, and that’s priceless.

10. Learn to enjoy life

If life has pressed you and won’t even SIP free air, remember that all of this is just bullshit. Everyone needs an outlet, a place or a hobby which you can use to recharge their batteries, relax mind and body and move on. You are unlikely to accomplish all of your goals sitting on antidepressants and waking up in the night, tormented by insomnia from the constant stress and anxiety, because you just forgot something or did not. Like the circus horse on a leash, which continues to run in a circle, even without a leash.

11. Watch your health

Of course, it is not necessary to run to the therapist, if you sneezed wrong, as usual. But if you had been taken away in an ambulance, diagnosing a stomach ulcer, it is a clear hint that somewhere you have missed something.

12. To set realistic goals

Perfectionism — it’s cool. Faster, higher, stronger — that’s cool. But put yourself goals that you actually achieve at least in the next five to ten years. And let it not be ephemeral, «when I grow up, I will…» It’s already happened, dude! You want your apartment? Look for a stable job, so at least enough for a mortgage, time is a real dream of your life. I want a car? Hand over, finally, on the right. Girl? Change your social circle or myself, here it all depends on the case. Movement is life. And you’re not doing anything, watching the movie «the Secret» and similar shit, clearly visualizing the desired image, doing nothing.

13. Hold your promises

Moreover, the data itself. Train this muscle, starting with small weights. Don’t skip trips to the gym, evening Jogging, reading books before bedtime. A similar attitude to the own word is able to develop in you confidence and belief in yourself. You promised you were going to read «Ulysses»? You read it. You promised yourself that the thirty will tour the whole of Europe? You’re working on it.

14. Don’t let yourself be a victim

You’re not a pimply sixteen year old boy with watery username. High time to learn how to control their emotions. If you got in trouble, have the courage to figure out how. All your troubles and joy — the fruit of your and only your works and deeds.

15. Do not dwell in the past

What has passed does not exist in reality. It is only in your head. And with looping and wrong all of the negativity that is absolutely every man behind him, those memories become a poison that slowly spreads through the body, paralyzing the brain and consciousness, turning you into a prisoner of his own illusions and the ghosts of the past.

16. Don’t be afraid of change

Plans, strategies or tactics can easily change, but instead of worrying, try to change the situation, what is called, «in the course of the play.» It’s never just one way to achieve the objectives. Shut the door — climb in the window.

17. Don’t stop learning

After serving from start to finish in school, fuck up the holes good or pants at uni, don’t ever stop to put the most valuable investment — knowledge — in your own mind. It often happens that, having finished College and with a little work with the profession in practice, you realize that this is not what you need. We live in an amazing age of Internet technology, where you can find absolutely any trainings and courses, seminars and tutorials — it would wish. But if you found your business and am confident in it one hundred percent, perfect your skills and improve them.

18. Always sums up

Finish each day with a brief summarization of the success (or not) each day. If you fulfilled the plan — reward yourself of some pleasure, though not very useful. Turn on your favorite sitcom, just order pizza… Get moral satisfaction from a job well done. And if not, then you should honestly give yourself a report on the topic: «Why I am not able to achieve their plans.» And without excuses. So if you’re a lazy asshole, don’t deserve a pizza or a new series of family Guy. But do not go on the wall out of desperation, because tomorrow is a new day, and we know that you will not disappoint neither us nor himself.

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