Habits of successful freelancers

manygoodtips.com_30.05.2014_N95qMSlexeWZ6The cruel world of freelancing. The high level of competition and the specific nature of the work can easily knock the newcomer off. As in any other case, there is no clear formula for success, but there are a number of settings, working under which you will be able to succeed in this difficult field.

1. Proper self-positioning

The successful freelancer must know how to present herself. This requires a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and to be able to answer yourself the question of why this job is «yours.» In conversation with the client, as well as in the preparation of the column «about yourself» on any resource that is used by you as a platform for self-expression, should not be a dull grunt. Should on shelves to spread out your benefits and why the customer needs when it come to you.

2. The answer to the question «Why?»

One of the most important points in the description of the advantages of any freelancer is the point of «why» — why do you do what you do. Paragraph «why» distinguishes you from colleagues, as well as makes you truly devoted to your work. People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it.

3. Self-organization

The desire for order and organization in everything from the workplace, ending with the allocation of time separates the successful freelancers from all others. You really will save a lot of time and energy if you’re not indiscriminately grabbing everything, and will schedule their work and you’ll steadily follow it.

4. Update portfolio

A successful freelancer is constantly updating their portfolio, because it demonstrates the current level of competencies. «Abandoned» portfolio does not reflect the process of your professional growth (which is important), and the owner of such a portfolio is given to the client as someone whose Affairs go not too successful.

Losers and lazy people no one likes.

5. Niche

A good freelancer explores the market in order to find an empty niche and occupy it. This does not mean that, as a designer, you need to get into the field, for example, programming if, now, the competition is below. Find your place within that field that you find interesting. It might not happen immediately, but if you’re carefully monitoring this issue, you will be able to catch the right moment.

6. Perfectionism

The successful freelancer may not be guided by the principle «and so will descend». Work done somehow, doesn’t count as work. To attract maximum number of customers, and also to the formation of lasting and productive relationships with regular customers you should do your job better than you expect.

7. Acceptance of failure

You need to understand that failure is an integral part of freelance work. Clients refuse from the cooperation of many reasons and most of them personally to you does not apply. Be patient.

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