Habits of happy couples

habits of happy couples

What it means to be happy in a relationship? If you have a girlfriend, surely you interested to have it with you for as long as possible and complained. We have a few tips to strengthen and improve your relationship!

1. Go to bed at the same time

Remember how in the beginning of the relationship you couldn’t wait to go to bed together to have sex? Happy couples do not succumb to the temptation to go to bed at different times and always do it together. They go at the same time, even if one of them gets late, the other wakes up a few hours earlier due to the difference of the graphs. They are still interesting to feel each other close and enjoy the touch of each other.

2. Get common interests

When passion poulyagutsya, usually people realize that they have actually little in common. But do not underestimate the importance of joint leisure, which gives you and enjoy the company of each other. If you have no common interests, find them. Come up with something that suits you both, but don’t forget about the importance of their own, independent and individual Hobbies: sometimes spending time apart is also needed.

3. Holding hands

While in poor and unsustainable relationship one always runs ahead and the other lagging behind, happy couples go at the same pace holding hands. They know that it’s more important to feel each other close and be each other’s sight than somewhere constantly in a hurry.

4. Make trust and forgiveness the default mode

If you do not agree with each other, argue, and can’t resolve the conflict, just the default switch of forgiveness and trust. Distrust and resentment will get you only a hindrance, when they grow something good?

5. Pay more attention to what she was doing right, than for her mistakes

If you’re constantly to seek out what it is wrong, this quest will be crowned with success: you’re guaranteed something will find. If you, on the contrary, prefer to ignore what it does right, it’s not the same away from your seeking eyes. It all depends on what you want to find. People in happy couples tend to see each other is good.

6. Hug once meet after work

I’ll tell you one interesting fact: our skin has a memory. She remembers a good first touch (which are the manifestations of love), bad touch (rough) and lack of touches (i.e. neglect them). When couples will hug, their skin remembers a nice touch, but it increases vitality and strengthens relationships. And there, so it is possible to stand together against the world!

7. Say «I love you» and «Good day» every morning

This is a great way to patience and Forbearance in the face of every morning and afternoon problems. So both of you will be easier to endure traffic jams, queues and other troubles that await urban residents every morning.

8. Say «good night» every night, regardless of their mood

These words tell your friend that you weren’t offended, as if she’s not upset, no matter how you fought, you still want to be with her. One phrase able to convince your friend what happened between you and the incident is not so important that you survive it and go on hand in hand; that you appreciate her, despite the controversy.

9. Check the «weather» during the day

Call her at home or at work to see how she’s doing. So you’ll know what to expect upon meeting her, your moods are in sync. For example, if she had a terrible day, you won’t expect from her gushing enthusiasm when you tell even about pleasant things.

10. Be proud that you have it

The happy couple are very pleased with the fact that they are together. They are not shy to show affiliation to each other (within reason, of course, anatomicheski to anything). Hold hands, touch each other’s knees, or shoulders — it would seem that it is a trifle, but there it was. This «change» shows others that you are together and happy about this fact. When a couple is happy, everyone knows that these people together.

Happy couples differ from unhappy including habits. A habit is an action that occurs automatically, and to develop it, you need to make the effort. They say she is 21 days, but is a General word manygoodtips.com know more about the habits of others. Choose the habits you want to develop in your relationship, and follow our recommendations. If you fail the first time, don’t worry. If necessary ask your friend for forgiveness and try again.

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