Habits of girls, which is quite a long one

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Life with someone changes the human behavior. Sometimes we think that to change us to someone quite difficult, but let us recognize that, unfortunately, it is. Not so much us, how much our habits. Once several teams of psychologists observed the habits of the girls who live alone for about a year. Yes, they may have a relationship, but it’s absolutely nothing serious. Not even close. The behavior of the girls is changing even when she genuinely doesn’t suffer from loneliness. But the funny thing is that the behavior of single women, according to experts, is quite typical. So how to calculate? Here’s their habits. You’re usually very surprised when they begin to live with the girl and see it.

1. Girl plays game on phone while watching a TV show or movie

Perhaps, here comes the desire to do two things at once, and, perhaps, the desire to relax and be entertained from all sides. It is not the desire to offend anyone, just a habit, so you only need to wean instead of forcing them to postpone the phone.

2. She churns out the salad in a large bowl, then she eats

And then uses that bowl for another chicken and garnish. And eat with her in the morning and then wash. What a time saver!

3. Dishes often not clean tool and wiped with a sponge and water

In any case, she’s the only person that uses them. Germs, bits of food stuck on the rim of the bowl — what’s the difference? Will not be washed right now, tomorrow will wash off.

4. Food is absorbed on or near the refrigerator or near the computer or in bed

In the case of a refrigerator gets a huge bowl of her food is absorbed, and the bowl put in the refrigerator again. In the case of a computer and a bed and all so clear. Why do more dishes?

5. Drinking beverages directly from the container

Drinking from the milk carton, soda bottle (even if it is 2 litres), the wine also from the bottle. Why messy dishes?

6. Pushing the garbage down in order to cram more crap into a bucket

Because to make it meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Well, I don’t care what the apartment smells like a rotting tomato, you smell it!

7. When something falls apart on the table, it is reset down

Coffee, cereals, bread crumbs smachivaetsya hand and then lie on the floor, stuck in the folds of the floor covering. And stick to socks.

8. Washing hands after going to the toilet — it’s just wet

9. Wearing the same pair of socks several days in a row

If feet do not stink, and more. After all, nobody will see!

10. She honestly doesn’t know when the last time you changed the towel in the bathroom

It does not smell, it’s not dirty, it means that you can use.

11. Goats can be everywhere

Definitely is to wear scarves? And look for them then. No, you can wipe the wall.

12. Expectations of buying toilet paper

Sometimes, the end of a seemingly eternal package of eight rolls of toilet paper are paper towels, handkerchiefs, napkins, and buying toilet paper is delayed.

13. Hair long stay in the comb

No one sees!

14. Very long and tedious to scour the traces of blood from menstruation on their clothes

It’s terrible, man, but maybe she is hoping for sex?

15. To eat chips for dinner

And all the other fast food. Enough calories, tasty, and for someone to watch my figure? That’s it!

16. To sleep with a Teddy bear.

His name is Teddy. And don’t be afraid.

17. Watching TV naked, occasionally under the guise of

It is convenient

18. There are two dinner

Because the first consisted of chips, but this is not enough.

19. Makes the self-portraits of myself in the bathroom

In between playing phone and watching soap operas.

20. Listening to the same song on repeat

All day, until you get bored. And I love long.

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