Habits, from which you somehow lost in 2017

That died down the first trumpets 2017. Year haven’t had anything to show themselves, and you’re already complaining that it sucks. Only it’s not a shitty year, you a controversial figure. You need to get rid of some habits that you may not have promised myself to get rid of them in the new year, but I couldn’t.

Disfigure of speech

The words were invented in a certain way for a reason, dammit, so for God’s sake, stop trying to kill Ukrainian language, reducing even swear words! It seems that Russian language is famous for its richness and fulness of expression. And you write «standards», «great!», filling the void of the unsaid moronic emoticons and Emoji. Gifs with stickers you can use it gracefully.

Only it is not necessary to speak about convenience. Even your polubutovaya friends overpower the message with 12 succinct words. No abbreviations, acronyms, and words. In 2017, the year of saying «OMG» and «lol» is irrelevant. You see, without the word «lol» will be sad, but many did not understand what it means. Speak good language. Not without borrowing, because they refresh and develop it, and without the moronic abbreviations. And I would particularly like to appeal to people who write «daee». You don’t see, but we are on our knees. We just beg you, please stop talking shit. What the hell, «where», you should say «Yes.» The letter «e» that excites, or gives the weight of the letter «d», or you have a strange organic reaction to the kid?

Write by

Men, we’re told a secret that this is a very saskarne and disgusting. Especially for ladies and those who are after your jet performances goes to the bathroom for spravleniya great need. You know, any wish is instantly lost at the sight of the Golden rim of the toilet. But to keep such a valuable cargo in themselves, to endure, painfully straining all the inputs and outputs of the organism, it is not good for health. A long time ago were still of a personality, addicted to flash games. One of them had to use the mouse to direct the jet peeing gentleman straight to the point. It was much harder than in real life. So be merciful, grab my «tool» and guide the swirling flow of sewage in the ocean, not the shore zataplival unitaznogo of the rim. Neither at home nor away, nor in bars. Well, if you justify your crime a universal ignorance, then don’t complain when you meet face to face with human rudeness.

Wapesi anywhere

Trust me, you will never be able to grossly blow out of his mouth vaporous substance, like Delon in the film «Samurai», Reeves in «Constantine» or the Jurassic in «Love and pigeons». And all your attempts to blow something look pretty pathetic compared to the ship that blew Gandalf in «the Lord of the rings.»

Vapers, friends, we understand that couples are 90% safer than smoke that is not prohibited by law, and you can soar anywhere you want, but after you street smells like hookah.Believe me, the ordinary citizens acrid smells as disgusting as tobacco and exhaust gas vans. Matter how tasty it was not. You can do what you want, but only within reasonable limits and respecting people who had the unenviable fate to live with you.

Records all that you can’t photograph worth

We all know how food looks like, so if you’re not going to put candy monkey brains or camel stuffed with lambs, which, in turn, stuffed with chickens, which are in turn stuffed with crap, you better not show. Burgers and craft beer is no surprise. And be happy for you even his own mother would not, because the pleasure you get just you, and the rest hateful envy. Okay, if you made it, then you can still brag to the planet, you’re not mediocre stuff. And put drink and food from public eating places is pointless, since you just bought it, anyone can. But if you don’t pay for advertising, it is also stupid.

By the way, we haven’t finished yet. Let’s talk about the other photos. It is one thing to lay something unusual, beautiful, funny sample of their cat or their drunken faces that are stuck in the arms of some unfamiliar stars. But to put their smiling face with a caption like «new hair, New life, new beginnings. Drank a mocha in berasneu and is now ready to move mountains» is… it is at least disgusting. God, not every girl does this and you put your poorly-happy mug on a background of pale poplar and the writing that came out of the theater. And spit, the only thing that occurs at the sight of your happy leisure is a desire to douse you with boiling tar.

Tell everyone about your plans

There is an old-fashioned belief that if he talked about their plans to someone who can’t be exposed — prepare for the fact that it’s all downhill. People are mostly envious and rarely rejoice in others ‘ successes. Someone will immediately you begin to talk, to convince you that you fail, and someone tactfully keep silent, but to himself to think about why you will fail. There are those who want to do the same, because you’re all so luxuriously described. Simply put, will compete. In the end, thanks to the natural agility they are before you implement your ideas and achieve success, and you, my Lord, again shit. Can you believe in the power of words, can be considered an excuse for losers, but life experience of millions, not just confirmed your humble servants, suggests that it is not necessary to share your plans before you began to implement them.

Do not start a new life

What month you read this article? However, we are interested in how many times you’ve postponed the beginning of his new life? One, two? The year has just begun, and you have set aside. Well, continue in the same spirit, alas, nothing good came out of you will come. But such hopes were raised, this was promising. A good, that is, putrefaction.

Drink to the detriment of the work

The main thing is to always be drunk. But only in free from work and responsibilities time. Just do not tell that the booze helps brilliantly to take the exam, gives inspiration and stimulates workflow. May be, something it inspires, but the result is just awful. That is, crosslinked bovine ass scarf. And who you trying to kid — you don’t inhale, you just unwise drink, showing a weakness of character, not yourself’re a challenging person. And then with a hop head and suffer score on a lot of responsibilities.

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