Guys read: favorite books

There was a time we promised to write about our favorite books. Here and write. Don’t know how you imagine us — hard ducks, pot-bellied and bearded homecomi or skinny geeks — books can read any of these dudes. Here we read. And in most cases with pleasure. We present to you our personal top books.

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1. F. M. Dostoevsky: «The Brothers Karamazov»

Hey, that’s us and took! What do you expect to see here? Books about success and the popular psychology? Nothing of the sort. You from Dostoevsky. A great writer for the people, whose skull is slightly more than nothing. Such a connoisseur of human psychology, literature is not seen and probably will not see for a long time. This man knew how to create suspense using only words, without any noise and special effects how to make movie. In addition, a great motivator to think about the great and eternal. When I read Dostoevsky, somewhere in the depths of my soul flourishes hope that in the world everything is done as its thick and good books, but not as fed up with him brochures on positive psychology. Big and bold the justice, the retribution, vlachenie miserable existence, wide and mysterious Russian soul, beautiful language, crime, reflections on the meaning of everything, flour, flour, flour of conscience — it’s all here. Monologue Ivan reread three times. And I’ll still.

2. Julio Cortazar: «a Model kit»

From the Russian classics to a foreign post-modernism — and who said we are all stupid? Wanted to put the «hopscotch», but then I thought that the song there too. and everyone will think I am building a smart-arse. In General, the novel. Very complicated postmodern novel that is torn between different cities, all the characters are complex, the reality somehow goes unnoticed in the imagination, which again escapes into reality, but in another city, in another country. One of the characters do not know and who utters only one word for that, I sincerely believe that it or not there or she’s not human. The story and reflection are intertwined and it’s so delicate, and every time I meet quicker turnover, which until not a single writer in the world I haven’t, rejoice that in the world there was this man and one day he decided to write a book.

3. V. A. Brodsky: essays on literature

We will not now about the poem: this is a private conversation, poetry with prose to compare any sane person would not. So we will not.

So, drugaciji. What is to love his prose? When I read, I always sink into depression. But in a depression of a different kind than reading Dostoevsky. When I read Brodsky, I realize that all wrong: I read all wrong, do not look, do not listen to it. Culture is so big, so much, but for me, even if you really try, all this wealth not to accommodate. Moreover, I, like Nietzsche said, I feel like a camel, whose hump — culture, and it’s putting pressure on me, makes me take everything after the manifold hundreds of prisms.

When I read Brodsky, I always feel stupid. So it was with me and 16, so it is still, although it’s been seven years. And I do believe it’s nice. Sometimes it is very nice to feel dumber than someone, especially if he knows that you’re interested, better you. Brodsky complex, and through him, we have to Wade several times to rehearse the theoretical design, but in the end you understand what the salt. Helps and feel stupid, and mentally grow is an amazing thing.

4. E. M. Remarque «the Black obelisk»

Of all the writers of the lost generation allocate it. They are all good: and Remarque and Hemingway, and Aldington — argue with that not taken. What is good about the Obelisk? There is no war here. To us in the period between the two world wars, runaway inflation, when people lit up from paper money, and that even the homeless are not considered a waste. Then pay wages twice a day, and at lunchtime people rushed to the stores to get to buy something until the money is again lost its value. The human person is also worth a bit, especially against the background of rising nationalist sentiment. During the war, we devalue the person and when the war ends, he did not immediately rises in price. The book strikes the deepest wisdom, lively wit and piercing melancholy. All at once. Interesting not only a portrait of time — and an interesting hero, and his view of the world and what this world creates.

5. Tennessee Williams «the Glass menagerie»

If we included in the list of the poet, why neglect the playwright? A classic of American literature, the founder of plastic theatre, which played a huge role not only text, but also lighting, and music. «The glass menagerie» is a play about the weary life of man, the fragility of beauty, how the inner world is facing external and that it is inevitable disaster. Which will lead us to our dreams? Fortunately or disappointment when happiness is like came and sat down at the dinner table? Whether to follow the dream, leaving in the lurch those for whom we are responsible, or to abandon it, killing themselves? No, no, no, no answers you will not find here. Some questions. And then go to the theater and be sure to look at the production.


6. George Martin’s «a Song of Ice and fire»

My love for this series began back in high school when I read a short story from the anthology «Legends», in which all the famous sci-Fi authors of today advertise their work through stories about their worlds. I liked the story «Mezhevoy knight», and I bought the first volume of «Game of thrones». Yes, this is the book that made the famous series. In the first series, differences from the original are almost there, which is very pleasing, but then there are sometimes some important differences. «Song…» is notable for a great story, well written even tertiary characters, a great background in the form of long history and beautiful legends and full realism. It’s no magic, no dragons. It’s people’s lives in a terrible war, intrigue and personal problems. I seriously have not found a single character whose motivation is not clear to me, and his story is not accurate. And despite the huge amount of these books read very quickly. I’m not a big fan of fantasy, in contrast to NF, but «Song…» is a typical fantasy, this is a GOOD example of fantasy. Suggest it next to the Sapkowski’s books about Witcher.

7. George Orwell: «1984»

I love dystopia, although pretty small, as well as cyberpunk. «1984» I like exactly the fact that it is a realistic utopia. I have called the question of «Fahrenheit 451», «a Clockwork orange», «handmaid’s Tale» and «Lustful seed», but «1984» has not caused me not a single issue. It is the perfect totalitarian society, which, I think, impossible to escape. The book is creepy, incredibly oppressive, and it has no positive characters, because the protagonist is a weak-willed intellectual, whose protest is sex, and the main character is a nymphomaniac. They have no love, they just carnal passion. But subtle psychology, a satire on the human being and the terrible reality of what happens — that’s what attracts me to this book. It’s a classic, but even if you think all the classics that I read it in school, I can tell you that it is a masterpiece, which it is vital to read.

8. Friedrich Nietzsche: «human, all too Human: a Book for free minds»

This book is a must read to understand who actually was Nietzsche and what is his philosophy. You will understand that it was a very intelligent man who put forward bold, innovative and smart ideas. If this book doesn’t cause you to change your Outlook, then you can definitely think about their lives and some its aspects later. Almost all aspects of human activity: family, religion, children, society, views on government and philosophy in General covered in this book. If you didn’t read it, you don’t know who Nietzsche, well, if you have read and agree largely, you’ll read a few more pages.

9. Douglas Adams: «a Guide for traveling through the Galaxy hitchhiker»

The book is about a fish, reflections on life, the towels and the number «42». If it’s not a brilliant book, I can say that you have no taste. Let her in some places difficult to read, but it’s worth it. Mild you read a brilliant satire on the reality and perhaps think: «So great is the humanity, how does she think she is?» The book can and should be taken for quotations, because she’s wonderful. But reading it makes sense only if you understand British humour type «Monty Python» and o’henry and love science fiction. Otherwise for you will turn into simply indescribable nonsense. And I am frankly sorry, man.

10. Stanislaw LEM: «Solaris»

Why not include this great list of fantastic philosophical novel, which was almost spoiled pretentious Tarkovsky’s film? The original «Solaris» — a clever book of fiction, the Maestro of the XX century, Stanislaw LEM, who wrote many books, which first appeared nano-robots, ideas on sverhrazdutaya civilizations, the progressors, and others-others. Most of the books LEM’s philosophical, which consider the identity of the person from all sides, and questioning his uniqueness. He has a cynical and satirical collection of short stories of a traveler in space and time of Ijana, and books seriously. «Solaris» is his best — known work of LEM, which is required reading. She is very anti-religious idea of a huge superior being, which is fun that pulls out of the human mind different memories, thereby studying explorers, which ideally should study it, quite original, especially considering that the novel was written sucks cloud years ago. Hidden meaning, many clever ideas available. To read may be difficult, but worth it: then capture.

11. William Gibson: «Neuromancer»

The first novel in the genre of cyberpunk, the author who spawned the genre. Despite the fact that sometimes absolutely nothing is clear, interesting to read. The book became a Muse for the creators of «the Matrix», «blade Runner razor» and other books of this genre. The book has typical cyberpunk motifs: the rain, mud, dirty city, devastation, corruption, drugs, decadence and hopelessness. Oh, and the hero, from whom the drugs had eaten a dent in the literal sense. Virtual reality for the first time reflected in the books, distinguished by the original description, and many titles have been ported now. For example, the protection of some resources and information is still called ice, and the protector of ice — firewall. The idea that an artificial intelligence could find his will and genuinely desire to become human, the book shows perfectly.

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12. Amos Tutuola: a Journey into the city of the dead, or the palm, and it had a memorial plenary winery»

When you become harsh and unable to live up to their more than 20 years, the world looks more and more serious, you have things that you become responsible duties and tasks in them, you’re leaving with a head, not noticing all the beautiful things around you, and the most beautiful is usually the easiest. The book of Amos Tutuola is an amazing phenomenon, which proves that a book doesn’t always have to have a twisted plot and detailed worlds. It’s simple as a children’s essay. Journey to the city of the dead, the book of what is ready to go male for the sake of the beloved woman. But don’t expect to meet in this fiction the usual lyrical snot. Surreal, action Packed and just a good tale is not for children.

13. Harry Harrison series: «stainless Steel Rat»

Generally rare to find works where the main character remains «negative» character. Even rarer to meet the literature, in the process of reading where the negative characters appear sympathetic. In a series of books «Steel rat» is now deceased Harry Harrison managed to do the unthinkable — to instill in the reader the love for the main character of the books, fraud and a thief on a galactic scale — James Bolivar di Bite. Even though this series belongs to the genre of military fiction, I don’t think fans of other genres seem boring: fiction as such there’s little. Quite great if you, dear reader have time to read these books until 18-20 years of age, to understand that even if you grow a scoundrel and a villain, you have to have your unbreakable honor code, following which you will be able to look angel in the eyes of others, making any actions.

14. And again, Harry Harrison: the Turing Choice»

It so happened that since the Soviet Union, in our country, Gary Harrison was known only in the book series «the stainless Steel Rat» and «realms of Death», and in the meantime there is also work, like «Turing», known only to fans or science fiction or Harry Harrison. This book is unlikely to fall into the hands of the casual reader. No words can say about the plot, except to say that the book is about a real man who is able to get out of any ass that’ll put it in life. Also desirable reading for persons up to 25 years to develop a decent model of behavior in different situations.

15. Sun Tzu «Art of war»

I don’t think it can be called a toilet reading. So artistic and a little pathos. And why? Because it is the «user manual» on the conduct of war for the Chinese army V century BC. I think the manual outdated? Fuck it. Not only that, she’s not worse, it has a very unusual feature. These instructions can be interpreted to project on any aspect of life. Relationship with friends, attitude towards life, and this book is the perfect… «business literature». Want to own your own business? Read «Art of war» is a book for real men, not pathetic essays on another «business coach» from Australia.

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