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manygoodtips.com_25.03.2014_GULYKryp3cqxSThese books bring up the severity. They are interesting, they have a relatively simple language. No excessive snobbishness, each of these books is interesting and very well-known, always raises topical issues. It often seems that the author is not right that the author does not understand the essence, but it’s good, because that way you learn to argue with the author and find their own truth.

Our «book of the period» could not end otherwise than by the list of good books that every adequate man needs to see. We wrote about the fact that the book is the best way to escape from reality. We wrote about how to overcome their reluctance to read about how to determine what you’ve become knyazevsky. Marathon books wisely ends with a harsh list of cool books. List, I must say that is quite subjective. Yes, and what a list may not be subjective? We already had a list of favorite books from dudes now we make a recommendation list.

1. A FAREWELL to ARMS (E. Hemingway)


Actually, this list could include all the works of the old man Ernie. Man itself is really cool and well written, but it works well with the idea of war, its horrors, trying to escape from it and build something that resembles love. In many ways, the book is very autobiographical. Ernest also fought, was in the hospital and also had an affair with a nurse.

2. FEAR AND loathing IN LAS VEGAS (hunter S. Thompson)


The book next guy, worthy of a place in our hall of fame category «Heroes». Stylish turns of phrase, the original phrase and a very particular worldview of the Creator of gonzo journalism and the great Psychonauts deserve special attention dudes for the expansion of consciousness. It is unfortunate that many only know the film.



Unfortunately, Kurt Vonnegut — very good old science fiction undeservedly almost forgotten. And that’s too bad, because he is crazy in itself. Kurt is a big pacifist, adequately against the war. «Slaughterhouse-five, or the children’s Crusade» scene-fantastic novel on the bombing of Dresden, which he got Kurt at the time. As can be scene-fantastic? A large number of storylines. This book is lively and easy to read, but sad, anxious and describes the meeting of children of war.

4. Trainspotting (Irvine Welsh)


Many dudes watched a good movie, but here is a cool collection of stories from the writer’s Welsh not read. And for good reason-it’s worth it. After you well understand that white guys from good families can get hooked on drugs, not only out of despair. The book gives the understanding, who are bad friends, and much more. Language-specific, a large number of Mat can scare delicate rosy-cheeked girls, but the severity and specific view of things is very encouraging. If you seriously think that Welch somehow promotes drugs, think again.

5. The OLD men (Cormac McCarthy)


A great book that was made into a great movie. Quite a lot of psychological and moral questions in this book. And you can read a book and watch a movie.

6. FIGHT CLUB (Chuck Palahniuk)


Unfortunately BK was hopelessly spoiled with all sorts of TP and other people looking for it fucking sense and seriously believe in the philosophy of the destruction of Tyler Durden. But the book is almost legendary, despite the fact that it is practically nobody read all watching the film adaptation, which, incidentally, is very different from the book, which, I think-boring, much better.

7. ON the WESTERN FRONT (Erich Maria Remarque)


Lately among the hipsters are blamed Remark, say, remark in their native Germany almost forgotten and considered second-class literature as Thaddeus Bulgarin our. I don’t know how this is so: in Germany I was not, but I know exactly what Dietrich would anybody not seduced. Yeah, and filmed the Remark as much as 19 times that figure.

The book beautifully tells of war, friendship and other important for every guy things. Simple and tasteful.

8. ALL the king’s MEN (Robert P. Warren)


Very cool book about power and what it does. Disclosed is a virgin, the very essence of power (which actually does not exist), but the essence of such sovereign from Machiavelli, for whom the end justifies the means. It seems to be the main character and wanted to do good and all is well, but somehow it did not work, he became interested in something else. The book makes you think about what happened something like this to politicians from real life? «Can only do good out of evil, because there simply is nothing to do.» Quite questionable idea? And the main character name is stark!

9. AMERICAN PSYCHO (Bret V. Ellis)


Violence and humor rarely is, but Bret Ellis turned out. Another variation on the theme of «am I a trembling Creature…» the Major, who regularly visits the gym, kills all unworthy creatures. Under this list can get anyone from dogs to prostitutes. Thrash metal, grotesque, satire is up to you. Worth reading though, because it’s definitely a notable novel in world literature.

10. The adventures of HUCKLEBERRY FINN (mark TWAIN)


Of course, if you didn’t read it as a child — you have lost a lot. If you have not read this book in childhood, it’s time to read it now, because it will seem a very adult work. If you’ve read it before, it’s time to re-read again and understand that you are very much it didn’t before.

11. Oh, brave NEW WORLD (A. Huxley)


Great work in the genre of dystopia. Although there is no doubt that this is a dystopia, not a utopia. Interesting structure of society, the first appearance of this concept in the literature as the «consumer society», the opportunity to spend a little more than dofiga different Parallels with the real situation. Most of all I like the fact that the book is character-savage, perfectly illustrates this idea that sex-dependent moron with Shakespeare worse than a hydrogen bomb.

12. The EMPEROR (Machiavelli)


Little can be something else, more exciting and specific to the man than power. Despite the fact that the book is written very long time, it is still relevant and perfectly reveals the idea that any leader must not be good-natured and does not have to be so fucking evil sadist. Ah, Yes, the end justifies the means!

13. FLOWERS FOR Algernon (Daniel Keyes)


The book is full of kindness, knowledge and droplets of fantasy. Rather, it is not a book but a short story. Raises a question of intelligence, complexity, clever, educated man, seeking to know and for this gift. A sad and beautiful story, which hints that it’s time to do something beautiful, rather than sit and deteriorate in place.

14. I have NO MOUTH BUT I MUST SCREAM (Harlan Ellison)


A very scary story about how humanity has created artificial intelligence and taught him his behavior to hate. The story of that inaction can be crazy, and any, even the most vile torture leads to apathy. Despite the fact that the story is short and merzotnost it just rolls over, he really makes an impression, demonstrating that to be a inadequate person among several degrading personalities — the worst of the suffering.

15. «Hour of the BULL» (Ivan Efremov)


It would be strange to end our list without any of our writer. And I chose Ivan Efremov, the existence of which knows quite a few comrades. «Hour of the bull» is a cool Soviet dystopia, which in its kind is very original. The plot of the book almost, there is the constant monologues of the main characters about the future, about history, about the origin of man and how to build a proper civilization. Efremov, I think, too believed in man and his mind, being confident that humanity will overcome all vices and will impose their view on other civilizations. Peacefully with. The people of the future Ephraim’s beautiful, there is complete equality, and relation to the feminine the dude can and should learn. But despite the fact that on the one hand we see the beautiful to the pain in the groin the world, on the other hand, is a very sad reality of another planet that seems to change is simply unrealistic.

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