Gutta-percha boy: stretching for the dude

Who said that man should not drag on? It is very useful. It kneads the muscles, and removes them from the load and is helpful for joints. I’m not a big fan of yoga, because what is taught nowadays, is very far from true yoga. Unfortunately, many are led to it, although you can do commonplace exercises, for stretching, for example, with the course of Aikido. Today I picked up some exercises for stretching different body parts in gymnastics, Aikido and Chinese exercise therapy.

1. Stretching torso


Start with the supine position, his hands lying on the floor along the body sides. Bend your knees and put their heels on the floor. The body remains lying on the floor. Slowly pull your foot to your buttock, together with this, carry straight arms over head stroke, without lifting them from the floor. Do until then, until you feel tension in the upper body. Hands still lying on the floor. Stay in this position, straining the muscles. Breathe. On the exhale take the starting position.

Try not to round your back to create the arch in the center of the spine and raise the upper back or buttocks off the floor.

2. Stretching adductors

Start with the supine position. Bend your knees, hands put on hips. Connect the sole, simultaneously turning the hip outward. Divorce and take your hips with your hands, feeling the tense muscles and ligaments. Keep your back and buttocks from the floor.

3. Stretching the buttocks


Stay at the back. With legs bent. Lift your leg, put the foot side on the opposite knee, and let the rest sticking out to the side. So you can place your foot on top the opposite knee.

Keep knee and lower leg raised leg and lift both legs as one unit toward your chest to create tension in the buttocks. Keep your back on the floor. Repeat with the other leg. Exercise should be done slowly because your muscles contract when they feel they are in danger to be damaged. This represents a slight tremor in the knee, the thigh or in the buttocks.

4. Stretching the upper back


Get down on the floor in the same position that I described in the other paragraphs. Knees bent, arms wrapped around the shoulders as though you’re hugging yourself. Try to clasp their shoulders more carefully, perekalivatsja from side to side. You can put it under my back for more complexity.

5. Turns around the body


Sit cross-legged. Leaning on the hand and do a controlled spin to the left, trying to turn as much as possible, thinking that the spine is twisted to the left and up. Rotate more in the middle and upper back. Put your left hand on the floor behind or beside him, and put his right hand on his left knee to avoid spontaneous recovery and at the same time to stretch the hip. Repeat, rotating to the right.

6. Stretching the inner thigh


Stay in a sitting position. Spread your legs as wide as possible. Hands put on the floor, bend the torso forward, bending at the middle of the body. Go back to the original position. Feel how your spine stretches, straightens and pleasant crunch.

7. Stretching of the triceps


Sit down, tucked under her (Seiji — Japanese position of sitting on knees). Drag and drop your left arm over head, elbow, put your right hand, push right hand to the left, at the same time stretching the triceps.

Repeat with the right hand.

8. Stretching torso

Stay in the position of seiza. Squeeze your fingers into the lock behind them, put them on the heel. Roll your shoulders back, press the chest forward, arching.

9. Stretching neck


Again in the position of seiza. Wrap your left arm around your back, hold it with your right hand. Gently tilt your head to the right side. Feel like crunching your neck. Switch hands and repeat on the other side.

10. Stretching wrists

Stand leaning on hands and knees. Turning the wrist inward and to the side, simultaneously sliding his legs back. Hard enough, but it is good kneads the whole body. Bend in the spine. There is a good way to improve this exercise for example, turning the palm with the fingertips inside, lean on it and have a good reach.

11. The pose of the child in the womb


Get back on your knees. Posted hands forward, bring the buttocks back to create tension in the upper body. Don’t forget the deflection in the lower back. Slowly slide forward, straightening your body back, lifting the pelvis up.

12. Stretching the quads


Stand up, if you are not confident in its stability, lean on the wall. Hold on to the bone of the left foot with the left hand to create tension in the front of the thigh. Don’t let the knee out to the side or stop out above the vertebral arch. You can do the exercise with the feet up, but you can at the right angle!

Repeat with the other leg.

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