Guru alcohol drinks a bottle of southern comfort in 11 seconds, 5.08.2013, RZ5eKklCSY9hCYjtGg0kSHiOlPWueUqf

Obviously, you just saw the video from our guru drinking alcohol in record time. If you have not seen, it is vitally recommended to see. And again the guy with the intimidating, like husky, blue eyes, shows us the impressive features of its steel liver. I have to say that you’re not scared, and your heart too far into the heel, the video begins with an extremely frightening exclamation our hero, who, despite his very specific hobby, still alive. Some time he told us something rubs, and then opens the teeth in the first minute the bottle and begins its absorption. Together dude had 11 seconds to drink fruit liqueur strength of 38 degrees (!). Hmm, man, don’t even know what to say.

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