Guns: weapons that fire only in the right direction

Guns: weapons that fire only in the right direction

In Russia somehow not caught on revolvers, but in vain. Although there are objective reasons is, all the same weapons we have in fact banned. Anyway, I think you will be interested to know about this type of weapon.

The revolver is technically simple to the absurd. There is a rotating cylinder, which contains cartridges. The barrel is a continuation of another bolt. The gun is very durable, it is reliable in combat, since you can fire immediately after a misfire, only by repeatedly pressing the trigger. It is also safe, and he doesn’t need a fuse, just enough to keep the trigger. In General, some pluses. Although there are disadvantages. But revolvers deserve special attention?

1. 4,2-linear system revolver Smith Wesson

manygoodtips.com_1.09.2015_7OgahXzNBSHl7 American revolver, which was established in 1869. Famously consisted on arms of the Russian Empire in the NINETEENTH century that speaks about the interest of the Empire to the most modern military development. The revolver had a turning frame, which provides easy extraction of spent cartridges when you tilt the barrel down, new-fangled that time the cartridge Central ignition, fast recharge, which is achieved by the fact that the gun could «split» in half. Weight about 1.5 kg, muzzle velocity of 200 meters per second.

In Russia, for that matter, was a huge delivery. First, our country produced 90 thousand revolvers, which were used in the Russo-Turkish war. Later Russia got the possibility of organizing production of this weapon at the Tula arms factory. By the way, the model itself was modified Russian military engineers, the so-called «fifth» – the protrusion in the upper part of the rear end of the arm, in order to reduce the recoil, also was improved the mechanism of the extraction of cartridges which enabled them to get the cartridges manually.

A small historical digression.

In 1870, Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich during a trip across the USA took part in the big hunt for Buffalo, where he managed to shoot a huge animal with this revolver at a distance of about 30 meters. As a result of successful hunting campaign Smith & Wesson has received a new order from the Russian government on revolvers in the amount of 160 thousand units. That was before cooperation.

2. Colt M-1873 Single Action Army

manygoodtips.com_1.09.2015_DIBoEyPCbLzhq Founded in 1873. Drum with 6 rounds, .45 caliber, a weight of 1 kilogram. It was the first revolver from the company Colt, which was adopted by the US army, and one of the first revolvers that used cartridges centre fire under the powder. Although there were others.

Another name for a revolver – the «peacemaker» that very eloquently to the idea of freedom, which can have only an armed man. The bullet was provided with a tip made of lead, so that the cartridge was stuck in the human body. This is probably the most famous weapons are immortalized in many famous westerns and even science fiction films («the Magnificent seven», «Back to the future 3»).

By the way, this legendary revolver is still produced, however, already adapted to smokeless powder, but still.

3. Smith & Wesson Model 29


The double-action revolver chambered for the .44 Magnum. A very useful thing, which was created in 1955. In fact, this weapon is more for style and not for business. A big gun that wants to get yourself every cowboy in order to feel stronger. The most powerful frame, which is presented in a Smith & Wesson, and a very powerful cartridge. The trunk can reach incredible lengths, for example, the longest – more than 8 inches, which is approximately equal to 24 centimeters. The return is quite cruel. If you bought this gun, be prepared to strong impacts during shots, from this we conclude that a good sighting shooting will be very difficult. But this gun like not for technical specifications. Watched the movie «Dirty Harry»? There’s the hero of Clint Eastwood doesn’t rely on anyone only on the stopping power of its «Magnum». Clumsy rudeness that makes criminals go to rest quickly and painfully – that was required of it.

4. Bulldog


The end of XIX — beginning of XX century have been hectic. Then came a revolver «Bulldog», a small toy that can be hidden anywhere, and which could kill anyone. The revolver, which actually does not have its own manufacturer-specific, inherited specifications from the British Warble No. 2, issued circa 1872. The format of the weapons, many came to taste, and there are imitators, but the essence remained the same.

The design consisted of the following important rules:

– «Bulldog» should have a frame, grip and barrel in one piece;

– short barrel;

– large caliber;

– there is a trigger mechanism of double action with an open trigger;

– short arm;

– the door of the drum on the right opens down.

Actually, this revolver was worn by both women and ordinary laborers. Many countries faced with the prohibition to bear arms, but life was dangerous, and to go without firearms, as something not wanted. Therefore, the «Bulldog» was a great option, which surely saved many lives.

5. Colt King Cobra


357 caliber, totally different build, which can shorten or lengthen the gun by almost two times. Developed in 1986 for delivery to law enforcement, well, normal for fans to shoot. The main material is blued and stainless steel. Although in the period from 1986 to 1992, this colt was carried out from high-carbon steel, and pads on the handles made of neoprene. Sights consisting of a replacement front sight attached to the barrel by a pin, and adjustable micrometer rear sights. Weapons company was confident in his creation, but she had two times to curtail production of «Cobra». Now all instances of settled someone on hand, in private collections. The catastrophic economic situation of the campaign the Colt in 1998 and completed the Saga of this promising in all senses of the revolver.

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