Guitar with the universe of «Star wars»

Fans of «Star wars» were figures, masks and even lightsabers, but this has not happened. That’s what certainly is lacking a true fan and gives them a powerful «nerdgasm»!

English guitar firm «Doni Guitars» began to produce bass and electric guitar with case the Millennium Falcon. In addition, there are a range of tools in the form of rebel fighters and even Han Solo is not in the best phase of his life is frozen in carbonite. What a beauty!..

The producers swear that the guitar produces a quality sound, and your fingers will fly across the fretboard effortlessly. But this tool is more for collection than to play. If you have, of course, there’s a$ 700 for the collection. In addition, the cunning British offer case for 360$, but that’s at your discretion.

If you think that guitar in the form of «Falcon» you’ll be cool like Han Solo, then go ahead and break the piggy Bank and went your money to the guys from Coventry. However, still steeper than Gene Simmons of Kiss with his bass axe and Alexei Belov of Gorky Park with his guitar balalaika you won’t.

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