Guitar for Ipad — JamStik MIDI


The release of this gadget is relevant for beginners who have already managed to buy the iPhone, but does not collect money for a normal guitar. By the way, usually these guys are not too much space in the house. If you’re the man, you will need a small and mobile thing where you can play as this guitar.

It’s time to turn your IPad, IPhone or Mac into a real musical instrument with JamStik MIDI. It is 100% portable gadget that will easily fit a backpack so you can carry it with you wherever you go. Use the app JamTutor included with your Ipad a guitar and learn to play this musical instrument. If you’re a fan, the game on this device will be very effective for you.

You’ll get the same effect like playing on real strings. This «tool» complete with professional application can increase your level. The coolest thing is no need to carry behind her a huge edifice in the form of a real guitar. You will be able to amaze your friends at a party using small and mobile devices.

The price of this thing called JamStik MIDI — about 12 thousand. So, for these money you can buy conventional, but puny guitar. But if you can’t stand all the banal and want new experiences, then this console would be perfect for you

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