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At all times the availability of hours was a sign of a business person. We, men, it’s in the blood to monitor this and plan for the future. In our days it is enough just to glance at your shoulder, and it will become clear, your way of life, position in society and financial status. How to avoid mistakes with choosing such an important accessory? Dude, come together to remember the famous brands of watches determine what you like.

1. Longines


One of the oldest brands – its history began in the XIX century. Then, in a small Swiss office started to produce pocket watches. But after 10 years, the creators Gucci has managed to enter the US market. Becoming a leader in the industry, the brand held its first wrist clock option in 1913. Then Longines becomes the best friend of the pilots, helping to calculate the latitude and longitude defining the precise geographic position using navigation systems of the brand. Currently very popular watch line of Longines Master Collection Retrograde created as a tribute to the traditional craftsmanship.

2. Rado


Continue to remember the best brands from Switzerland. Tissot uses the most durable materials, the first model with scratch resistant sapphire crystal and bracelet from high-tech ceramic has revolutionized the watch industry the 80-ies of the last century. Since then, the brand keeps the bar high, constantly experimenting with design models. In 2002 the Rado V10K created diamond (10000 Vickers), recorded in the Guinness Book of records as the most durable watch in the world. In short, watch for an exclusive. Unique Mont Blanc with a gold or white ceramic, you can buy in the range of 250 thousand rubles, but nice to live not forbid, right?

3. Casio G-SHOCK


Casio – biggest brand, exists since 1946. At the time, fake classic watches of this brand you could literally buy at any kiosk near the house for 200 rubles. And only some could afford the expensive original. Peculiar Japanese penchant for high technology manifested itself in the line model «G-SHOCK» watches targeted at athletes, mountain climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. Improved impact resistance, water resistance (some models up to 200 meters), barometer – in General, a lot of functions that you should understand. The price for this luxury item ranges from 5 to 45 thousand rubles. Each according to his needs, as they say.

4. Apple Watch

Do not rush to talk about how I hate all Apple products, man. This watch here is not accidental: we could not pass up the gadget, which caused such a stir in the community. If you slept past six months, will tell you that smartswatch have advanced functionality and communicate with an iPhone 5 or above) via Wi-fi and Bluetooth. Thus, in the hours from Apple will be a specialized operating system that is intended to simplify the work with your smartphone and make you more mobile. Oh, and sometimes they, too, will show. To touch the future and literally put it on hand is just $ 349 and sales will begin in April of this year.

5. Hugo Boss


Well-known brands which produce fashionable clothes that are simultaneously engaged in the production of accessories is normal practice. Having a certain degree of confidence, they tend to push boundaries and enter other markets. Among the other competitors in this regard, Hugo Boss, deserves special attention. 65 years after the founding of the company, the Boss has got the production license of hours. German precision and attention to detail has earned the respect of men all over the world. Such a watch is not ashamed to present a gift, for example, an important business partner, however, their price can seem too high (from 10 to 55 thousand). Hugo Boss, after all.

6. Fossil


This American brand started producing watches relatively recently. However, over the 30-year history, the designers managed to find your signature style, embodied in the numerous accessories Fossil. Wide leather bracelets emphasize the brutality and freedom-loving guy who chose this brand. It should be noted that the emphasis on the design of the watch does not hinder their functionality. Besides, the price of Fossil is acceptable and pleasant to indulge in a couple of hours is just 10 thousand rubles.

7. Commander


How not to recall the achievements of the Soviet Union in the watch industry? By order of the Minister of defence in 1965 the Chistopol developed these massive shock watches. On this occasion, were invented phosphorescent arrows and used the mechanism of high precision. In addition, in the conventional stores were allowed to sell a simplified model with the inscription «commander». After the dissolution of the Union at the plant «Vostok», it was decided to improve the design and it benefited from the popularity of the brand. Today to support domestic producers and to buy a legendary watch for a very reasonable price (from 5 thousand rubles).

8. Swatch


Some more of Switzerland. At the time, the guys from «the Swatch Group» was able to regain the prestige his country lost in terms of manufacturability and speed of Japan. The name itself is fraught with the phrase «simple watch» that fully reflects the brand philosophy: first issued models were collected from 51 of the component (two times less than competitors). And this simplicity does not affect quality, but impact on price – today Swatch is one of the most affordable watch brands. The main advantage is probably a combination of the collections of traditional Swiss quality and a modern youth design. In General, to find the Swatch for the soul, anyone can: from skater to business owner.

9. Cartier

Fast forward to France, where in the year 1847 opened a small jewellery workshop. A little later it began to produce and watch, perhaps, the finest in the world. In the early twentieth century, the successors of Louis-Francois Cartier produced the first watches, decorated with precious stones (unfortunately, the Creator of the brand has not lived up to this day). This striking signature feature, of course, increased the price of accessories, but did not reduce the demand. Today, Cartier is one of the most expensive in the world from: the cheapest model will cost you 500 thousand rubles. Price of the most expensive, consequently, tends to infinity. So, if you finally decided to invest in real estate, cars and football clubs, are welcome.

10. Tissot


Another excellent brand of Swiss watches, which is close in spirit to our domestic consumers. The fact that the son of the founder of brand, Charles-Emile Tissot, in 1858, went to Russia and sold there pocket watch. After a few years, Tissot becomes the official supplier of watches to the Russian Imperial court. And after the opening of the Moscow branch of the brand became the supplier of watches for the Russian army were issued the so-called «Royal hours» for officers of the Imperial guard with engraved coats of arms of Russian Imperial regiments. Today, thanks to a wide range, anyone can choose a watch from Tissot. In addition to classic, innovative, and hours-premium special brand is betting on sports collection. On average a couple of hours will cost you 50 thousand rubles.

11. Rolex

Recently we wrote some very interesting facts about this Royal brendeRolex. Yes, and you know that he was a pioneer in many aspects of the development of the watch industry. In itself a sonorous name of «Rolex» synonymous with luxury, refinement and status of the owner. As said by American author Tom Peters: «Idiots sell rolex watches. Geniuses sell a way of life with a rolex.»

The brand is always at the hearing: mention that’s what we often see in commercials, books and movies. Unfortunately, to try on the wrist original Rolex can afford not everyone: the value of the hour ranges from 300 thousand and millions roubles.

12. Daniel Wellington

This brand appeared on the British Isles. The watch, created by Daniel, is the favorite accessory of prepsters. Style «preppy» (short for «pre») implies a particular way of life, similar in spirit to the intelligent and stylish students the UK. Minimalism and colorful NATO straps – a characteristic feature of the brand. Huge plus of such watches is that they can be combined with anything. For example, in one of the films about James bond was worn by the actor Sean Connery. Besides, the excellent Daniel Wellington, of course emphasize the good taste of the owner, can be purchased for a reasonable sum of 10 thousand rubles.

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