Guide to the perfect business lunch

To break bread with potential business partner in an informal setting is a great opportunity to increase your chances of the conclusion of profitable deals. But such a move is necessary to prepare thoroughly in advance. In there are instructions on this occasion.

1. Make the invitation

The logical beginning of the instructions, but before you invite someone for a business lunch, make sure it is really necessary.

You should not think that a man so easy to lure in with their insidious ways free food, especially if it is a busy and important person. Think about it, how many of these proposals are getting such people! If they responded to all the dining event, then a month later couldn’t enter from one door.

First, such a person may experience irritation, therefore that someone is trying to steal from him, or think that an act of such generosity has an explicit goal of «bribery».

Be ready to come to a comfortable place in the restaurant where lunch is interested in you person.

Correctly written invitation includes three criteria:

1. Clearly set out the purpose of the meeting. It’s not friendly gatherings or a token of gratitude for your attention to your modest person.

2. Understanding that you «host» for this dinner. And it should be noted that pay for it will be you. The order of invitations using the following phrase: «I would like to invite You to business lunch» or «Let me buy You lunch, during which we could discuss…» But it should not sound like «let’s go to lunch».

3. If you know that the person denies you, even in a polite manner, do not insist. Don’t make him invent time travel to Timbuktu, whence he will return only after six months.

Well-decorated invitation sounds like this: «I would like to talk about X, Y, Z. Can I meet You? I know that You have a very busy schedule, and to not waste Your time, I can invite You to lunch at lunchtime, when You will be comfortable?»

2. Pick any restaurant, if the right choice for you

Not knowing the taste preferences of the person with whom you decided to have a business lunch, don’t pick or exotic national cuisine. Steak house or cafe with a good rating and reputation will be a great option for the meeting.

Make sure in advance that the menu will be at least a couple of vegetarian dishes, just in case.

Ideally, choose a restaurant that you already own, repeatedly visited and I am sure that the food and service there are at a decent level.

If you appoint a business dinner in unfamiliar to you town, for example, while on a business trip, do not be lazy to view reviews and ratings of the public power Network.

The perfect business lunch takes place in a cozy atmosphere, where cleanliness and silence are pleasing to the eyes and ears, and delicious food to the stomach.

3. Preordered

Quite a obvious tip that many ignore, relying on the traditional «maybe». Be sure, if the receptionist will greet you with the words «sorry, no vacancies», nobody is going to hear your excuses «I called 20 minutes ago and told me that you have no people and a bunch of empty tables».

Good luck, man! You’ve been out of the game.

4. To reconnoiter the situation

If you have the chance, visit the restaurant beforehand selected to carry out a business lunch.

At least it is necessary for you to be able to check the pricing menu, rather than sitting with a red face, thinking about who was there to sell a kidney to pay the bill.

Pick a place where it would be most convenient to carry on a conversation, appreciate the atmosphere, not loud music that will disturb conversation, and other such nuances.

5. Come in advance

In the restaurant at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled meeting for the ordered table. Tell the waiter that you are in a hurry, let them bring the bill as soon as possible after the request. And will provide it to you personally.

In advance and go to the toilet. Don’t interrupt important conversations such needs.

6. Turn off mobile phone

Not on time the phone rang to endanger the committing of many trades, and finished off their answer to this call.

If by an unfortunate coincidence, during lunch you’re expecting a really important call, tell us about it in the beginning of the conversation and put the phone on silent mode.

On the other hand, if the phone rang your guest, you must allow him to answer the phone without destroying the eye. During his talk you can go to the bathroom, or down in paper, browse your phone, in General, pretend you’re not here, and give your interviewee a sense of privacy.

7. Let your guest go first

Skip forward to that time, the administrator will escort you to the table. Let your companion important first to choose the place.

8. Do the same orders

Focus on dishes which will be prepared the same as the food your companion. Don’t order dessert or coffee, if it does your guest. Perhaps out of politeness he wants you to wait, but a negative effect on mood, consider a secured.

9. Order food that’s easy to eat

To eat, smacking onion soup or try to cope with pasta, risking a slap sauce and all, is not the best scenario for a perfect business lunch.

Give preference to chopped salads and steak, which is not difficult to cut into small pieces and aesthetically to chew.

10. Don’t fill up on drinks

Keep your initiatives as the guest choice of beverage. If he orders a soft drink, juice or mineral the introduction of, order the same thing yourself.

If he’d hit that tight, at lunch time, you can take low-alcohol beer.

Well, when you are a heavy drinker, the situation can become somewhat awkward if the person has already ordered 200 grams of vodka for an appetizer. Tell me that you brought plain water and maybe you’ll order something stronger. Or say you today to get behind the wheel, but next time I will.

11. Don’t start talking too soon

Do not indulge in the business jungle as soon as you sat down at the table. Spend at least ten minutes in a polite and meaningless courtesy: sports, Hobbies, discussion of the output, the last non-controversial and non-political news.

Get the first fishing rod only after the waiter will take your order.

12. Payment of an invoice

Take the check with an iron hand and with a firm confidence. I hope the waiter at your request give it to you personally. But, if you start the swing and your guest will offer to pay for herself, resolutely refuse, saying that you invited him to lunch and this is not out of the question.

13. Send a thank-you message

Closer to the end of the day write a few lines of gratitude that people took the time to meet with you is common courtesy and it’s a useful reminder of held a productive meeting.

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