Guide to spring jackets

Dude, spring is near! This means that the cats start yelling under the Windows, a friend dress up easier and prettier, and you need to update your wardrobe for the occasion. It is worth remembering that in some regions the heat is not coming once and for all, in places and in may you can watch the snowfall. But our task is not to predict the weather and help you with the selection of clothing at this unstable period. Go!

1. Coat


Let’s start with the classics. For especially hardy dudes this kind of clothing is relevant even in winter special honor long model with insulated gate. But for early spring are more suitable shortened version, some call it «jacket». Here for your taste: double-breasted or zip up, with a classic lapel or stand collar, with clasps of the type «walrus Tusk» or ordinary buttons – well, good luck finding wool coat, man!

2. Trench

Speaking our usual language, it is a lightweight version of a coat – a light coat of smart-casual. Just right for Sunny days when you take the umbrella not because of rain, but just want to emphasize your sense of style. Most importantly, don’t forget about the sense of measures. A good trench is a definite plus – it can be combined with classic shirts, chinos, and, for example, druggie, and with casual jeans and sneakers.

3. Park


Today extra long jacket flashed everywhere – you can tell razgildyayski kind of trench firmly entrenched in Vogue in recent years. Often, of course, parks are associated with sports style, hence the addition of the hood (what’s left from the classic jacket). Plus – long Park will not freeze in those places that we cherish. Minus – clothing class «unisex» can play a cruel joke with you: no one wants to wear the same jackets with his girlfriend. So choose the color, size and material parks wisely. And beware of imitations!

4. Bomber


These quilted jackets have come to us from American colleges, where be bomber means «to be in the brotherhood.» For us simple folks from Russia, it’s just comfortable clothes on the studs and nothing more. Wool, linen, medium density nylon – in General, different kinds of «bamburci» you can wear throughout spring. A knitted jacket can be worn even in summer – a little, when you get that itch to play baseball.

5. Leather jacket


For these brutal men to throw off the winter clothes and how to wear your favorite worn «black leather jackets» – a Holy cause. Even if you don’t have a powerful bike, don’t worry: start to equip you with the leather jacket. Besides, it is not necessary to buy a classic Moto leather biker jacket (they are not for everyone). Most importantly, remember that a good jacket is a sin to spare the money. Artificial leather will likely not make it through the season, so choose according to the possibilities and needs.

6. Vest


Well, how could we forget about lovers movie Back to the future? In the yard in 2015, which means it’s time to throw the «phony» jacket, to wear samoshvatyvayuscheysya Nikes and jump on the floating Board, as did Marty McFly. Seriously, this kind of clothing is quite practical: down jacket sleeveless gradually cook you warm days and freezing will not.

7. Alternatives

For the sake

There are jackets that first you need a long look, then touch, and then you can understand what this type of clothing and when to wear it. Insulated jackets or flannel shirts worn by our dads and grandpas, it is very fit that description. Of course, modern shirts, wool jackets and blazers made of tweed fabric just right for warm spring days. Just do not overdo it with a combination with other things, and I risk becoming too privatim dude.

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