Guide to men’s trousers

Dude, have you managed to update your wardrobe due to the expected warming? If not, then it’s time to think about it. In order to pick up a summer t-shirt and shorts, problems should not arise. But what to go to the office? What to wear to a friend’s wedding? A walk? Private party? Edition once again, happy recalls that «meet on clothes»: the pants should be chosen with taste and with intelligence. Let’s remember what can be pants. Let’s do this!

I think pants are more important to men than the wife. There are many places where you can easily go without a wife. And where you can go without pants?


1. Pants tuxedo


Let’s start with the classics: black pants will always save you in the time when you don’t know what to wear. This basic thing was supposed to appear in your closet as soon as you bought the wardrobe. The easiest way to combine it with a white shirt and comfortable black «oxfords». Of course, the particular fashionistas with the use of only black color, or perhaps with a pair of branded sneakers on their feet. Pants from a tuxedo, of course, more formal detail – they are sewed from expensive fabrics made of wool and mohair.

2. Cellular


The flashy option and an escape from boredom for those who loved with all his heart Rupert bear in my childhood. Variations there are many: from the traditional tartan (tartan) to the pattern of «goose foot». The main rule that is often overlooked – if decided on the cage top must be solid. You don’t want to look like a sad clown at a children’s party?

3. Corduroy


This type is for lovers of English style. It is very important not to overdo it with the sophistication and refinement, selecting the thickness of the «hem» and color. Best combination green and beige trousers with a plain blazers. For fans of «pohybovat» – bright Burgundy velvet high sneakers. Your dad went so in the early 80s? Dude, of course, it’s in your blood!

4. Jeans

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Here already you know the drill: great for everyday use. Pants with five pockets tight denim was invented a very practical man. The times when jeans was the deficit gone, so a match should not be too difficult. If you do not get confused among the words like «slim», «skinny», «flamingo» and «straight» I want you to win. Everything else was just: don’t forget the cuffs and pintucks, avoid the major labels and logos and do not try to buy jeans with embroideries and appliques!

5. Chinos


A cross between dress pants and jeans too informal. These cotton pants unlined are perfect for Hiking around town or picnic on the nature. Straight fit, convenient pockets, and the color range from beige to khaki boldly wear them with a Polo and shoes, when the sun shines, or the steam room, and work boots in bad weather.

6. Kargo


Younger brother chinosol, less formal and more appropriate for these men’s training pants. In such scary hunting, fishing, or on the ground, armed with a paintball marker. Cargo camouflage colors have become part of men’s everyday wardrobe, especially in the last year. For supporters of the brutal men’s clothing – at the time.

7. Velvet


Pants from expensive material for luxury lovers (don’t laugh, there are). In velvet pants a few downsides: first, to carry them out only in combination with a velvet jacket. Otherwise they look very shabby. Secondly, they need special care. Thirdly, it is unlikely you will put on their usual Tuesday, there is no relevant reason not to do. But if you have decided to purchase these pants at least can count on a prize for eccentricity and originality.

8. Wool


Hey, man, look! It seems we came to the Professor at Harvard! Lacking only a tweed jacket with worn elbows. Actually, the wool pants can be a stylish addition to your business image. Just remember that they are warm, and the yard summer is coming (on the other hand, in some regions of our vast country all year round in such walking).

9. Leather


Saw the episode of Friends where Ross think because of the leather pants he will be cooler? What, have you seen «Friends»?! In short, fewer illusions on the subject of rudeness. These pants are great bikers, and it’s not a very large percentage of the population. If you decide to join this culture before the purchase of the motorcycle, be careful. The boys in the neighborhood might not understand. And friend. And mom. Man may turn away from you the whole world.

– Chris, what would you say if someone came to an interview without a shirt, and took it. What would you say?

– That it was probably nice pants.

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